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It does not hurt you to have luxury conditions while you are traveling. One of the most popular ways to relax during your traveling is to find the most prestigious luxury hotel. Of course, you should think of 5 stars and 7 stars hotels. The extraordinary hotel conditions help you to feel like the King and Queen. The hotels are chic and very expensive. They are situated in the most popular resort hotels in the world to make your dreams come true. Thus, be careful, you will never want to come back home!

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The hotel environment corresponds to 7 stars. It took more than 3 milliards of dollars to build the hotel. It is situated in Abu Dhabi on the private beach in the center of a palm garden. Most suits are decorated with marble, gold. The suits are as luxurious as you could imagine. The top floor is booked for local celebrities, sheiks, and their families.

Emirates Palace welcomes you with elite cognac for 15 000 USD per bottle and albino caviar. What is more, there is an opportunity to swim in the hotel swimming pool, in the ocean. You may play tennis, rugby, football or visit SPA. Are you ready to book the room? It takes you from 12 000 USD per night.

The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte, USA

The hotel project is great. It will be built in 2017. Contemporary décor and reimagined rooms and suites encourage an urban getaway to The Ritz-Carlton located in Charlotte. Herbs and honey cultivated in the hotel’s garden and beehives provide garnishes at on-site restaurants, while organic ingredients and pink Himalayan salt rejuvenate the senses at the luxury Spa.

Morgan Plaza, Beijing, China

This is the next exciting hotel of seven stars. It is situated in Beijing in the Olympic Village. This is the most beautiful and elegant hotel in the country. The hotel is proud of two big pavilions, the best Japanese restaurant in the world. The luxury conditions are everywhere. The hotel lobby is decorated with marble and wood carving. The rooms are organized with silk wallpapers and all conveniences. You can feel Chinese culture and art everywhere. It is said that the suit is hugely expensive.

Pentominium Hotel, Dubai, UAE

The building is pretended to be the most original and exciting building in the world. This is the highest building in the city to be 516 meters high. It is famous for its hospitable atmosphere. So, people live here with pleasure and for a long time. It is all about the luxury conditions. The guests use luxury cars, room service. There is also a swimming pool and bar full of luxury drinks.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the perfect place for luxury vacation. Pay attention to the so-called Arabian Tower. The luxury building is situated on the poured island that is connected with the seacoast with the stylish bridge. It looks like a big yacht. This is probably the most beautiful and luxurious hotel in the world. There are 202 comfortable suites. The king-size lux is 18-19 000 USD per night. The hotel concept symbolizes the unique mix of East and West cultures.

You can dine in the hotel restaurant. There are two restaurants. One of them takes you to the undersea boat! You can also take SPA procedures; 15 minutes helicopter walk to enjoy the Dubai view. You can hire the car of your dreams and drive to Wild Wadi. This hotel is characterized as a 7 stars hotel. The service is high!

Seven Stars Galleria, Milan, Italia

Most tourists think that Arabian hotels are a luxury category. Nevertheless, Milan also boasts a 7 stars hotel. Seven Stars Galleria was approved by the Swiss company SGS. The hotel interior combines modern technologies and history. The lux suit costs about 15 000 EUR per night. The room service, personal cooker, and steward are available. It is amazing but there are only 6 rooms in the hotel.

The Cosmopolitan, Las-Vegas, USA

The hotel is situated in the center of Las Vegas Boulevard. This is a place of casino and wedding ceremonies. It was spent about 3,9 milliards of dollars to build up the hotel. Look at this swimming pool.

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