6 Sneaky Ways to Earn Bitcoin

6 Sneaky Ways to Earn Bitcoin

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After all, if you had a tidy stash of Bitcoin back in 2009, it was worth…well, it was worth nothing. But things are a little different today—one Bitcoin is currently trading (late October 2021) at about $60,000. So you’d have a real fortune on your hands.

It’s natural to want to be a part of that action. But unless you have serious cash on hand, you likely won’t be able to buy Bitcoin. But can you earn Bitcoin?

That’s where things get interesting. Let’s take a look at six sneaky and clever ways to earn some Bitcoin and build your cryptocurrency portfolio.

  1. Mining

Okay, cryptocurrency mining may not be the “sneakiest” method of how to get Bitcoin.

But it is a tried and true method, even if it’s not an option for everyone. In fact, it’s probably not an option for most people at all.

Bitcoin mining involves using sophisticated computer setups to crunch the numbers for the Bitcoin blockchain. In practical terms, this means solving complex computing problems to be the first to add a new transactional “block” to the blockchain. As a reward, you’ll earn Bitcoin.

But here’s the rub: these days, you need a seriously expensive and sophisticated computer rig to crack these problems. That means you’ll have to pay a lot of money just to compete to earn that free Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, something like 75% of Bitcoin mining occurs in China, which means it’s probably run by the Communist Party. So mining isn’t a great option for most regular people anymore.

  1. Earn Bitcoin by Taking Surveys

Now, a much sneakier option for Bitcoin trading is to take online surveys.

Yes, it turns out that there are some sites that will pay you to fill out surveys, clicks ads, etc. Best of all, they’ll pay in good, non-depreciating cryptocurrencies.

  1. Gambling

Of course, gambling at a Bitcoin casino is another option.

Now, there is a high risk involved here—it is a casino, after all. But if you’re interested in gambling, this is certainly a possible method to earn Bitcoin. Make sure you find the best ranked Bitcoin casino to ensure you have the best possible chances.

  1. Shop Online

Browser extensions like Lolli can help you earn Bitcoin rewards to shop with certain partnered stores. This is a lot like trying to earn Bitcoin through survey-taking—you’re not going to make a fortune, but it’s a good option.

After all, if you shop online, you might as well earn some Bitcoin while doing so.

  1. Debit Card Rewards

There are certain specialized “crypto cards” that let you earn free Bitcoin for every transaction. It’s a lot like earning airline miles, and you also have to spend the Bitcoin at certain stores—usually to sell the Bitcoin in exchange for a gift card.

Still, it’s a great option to earn Bitcoin.

  1. Write About Crypto

If you’re interested in cryptocurrencies, and you like to write, that’s another option to earn more Bitcoin. If you’re persistent, you can find a cryptocurrency blog or news outlet that will pay you in Bitcoin in exchange for sharing your crypto insights with the world.

Earn Bitcoin With These Six Techniques

If you’re looking to earn Bitcoin, these methods are perfect to boost your cryptocurrency holdings. It may never replace the effectiveness of simply buying Bitcoins, but every little bit helps.

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