6 Ways Modern Planter Boxes Can Help You Grow Healthier Plants

6 Ways Modern Planter Boxes Can Help You Grow Healthier Plants

Modern planter boxes are becoming the trend for many gardeners, especially those who love planting trees. If you enjoy gardening and want to try something new, you can purchase these boxes to plant various trees and plants. These modern raised planter boxes even have self-watering systems that are very useful. This innovative concept incorporates a built-in water reservoir that delivers water to the roots of the plants. This planter box design allows you to grow more fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Stick through the end of this article to know how modern planter boxes can help in your gardening.

  • Conserve water

Planter boxes with a self-watering system are engineered to store water. It prevents water leakage, seepage, and even evaporation. Hence, less water is wasted. 

The water delivered to the roots is slowly released into the soil. The soil sits above the reservoir and cannot evaporate anywhere else. If you find that the release of water is slow, you must drain the water, unlike in conventional planters.

  • Protection for delicate plants

It is challenging to take care of sensitive exotic species. Most of these varieties need a steady stream of water that may be hard to provide if you have a busy schedule.

In many cases, these plants cannot withstand extreme weather conditions and climates. For this reason, planter boxes are highly functional since it allows you to keep the plants indoors, and you do not have to worry about watering them regularly.

  • Retain the nutrients of the soil

Conventional planters need more water since it drains the water from the bottom. In most cases, the nutrients of the soil are also washed away.

Hence, the soil’s good parts are lost. But in the case of modern planters, the water is absorbed through the bottom, leaving the soil healthy.

  • A terrific option for busy gardeners

A busy schedule could keep you from doing your gardening duties. But even if you do not have a busy life, you might want to go for an extended vacation. A modern planter is an excellent way to ensure your plants are safe and healthy. You only need to fill the reservoir up to the top. You can have the peace of mind that your plants will continue to thrive while you are away.

  • Healthier roots

If you want to have robust and healthy plants, they need to have healthy roots. A modern planter keeps plants healthy since water is delivered equally. You will find that the roots of plants in traditional pots can rot. But in modern raised planter boxes, this rarely happens since the roots get a continuous supply of water from the reservoir.

  • Less water wasted 

A considerable challenge in arid climates is conserving water. But the water requirements in a modern planter box with a reservoir system are low. The planter maintains a healthy environment that enables you to grow water-thirsty crops such as strawberries and fruit trees.

Planter boxes are one of the terrific ways to uplift the outdoor ambience of your home. Modern planters are also a great indoor gardening in areas with limited space like patios, decks, and balconies. Moreover, window boxes create an ideal growing environment for plants in areas with little or no space at all.

Some planters can even be hung and are perfect for balconies.

Author name- Grace