A Quick Start Guide to Generating More Ad Impressions With Outdoor Advertising

Predictions for 2023 indicate the outdoor advertising and billboard market is set to grow to $81.35 billion. And just so you know, we can refer to outdoor advertising, including billboards, as out-of-home advertising or OOH for short.

So with such growth predictions, how can you best use this advertising medium and create more ad impressions? Well, in this short guide, we will take a look at a few tips to improve your chances of making more impressions and thus more business.

But first, let’s clear up what ad impressions mean. And, we’ll discover why ad impressions are so important to companies to grow their brand.

What Are Impressions?

You can measure the number of people who see your ad with impressions. These impressions often come as data that you receive on a week-by-week basis. You can also calculate the average of how many times a customer sees your advertising in impressions.

Furthermore, you can include traffic data, which helps determine how many cars pass your advertisement. Plus, you can measure various other types of impressions by collecting different data forms.

Building a Brand

Learning about your ad impressions is crucial to growing a brand. Without knowing how many impressions you are making with your ads, you can’t make future predictions about turnover and profit. Also, you won’t know if your ad is effective or performing optimally without the data.

In the modern world, business brands rely on developing more impressions for their OOH more than ever. A great example of how they do this is with companies like Clear Start.

So now, let’s look into how you can increase your impressions.

Location Is Key

This has to be the most obvious tip when it comes to OOH. You will get more impressions in places where there is more footfall and traffic. However, it can be expensive to pay for OOH in busy areas like city centers or highways.

However, if you understand your target market well, you may be able to find cheaper locations. For example, you might have a product or service that appeals to the elderly. If so, you could research places where many of this demographic tend to visit in a region and look to put your ad there.

The Census Bureau is a great place to find info on demographics. It can also tell such things as average salaries in a location.

You also look at the practical aspects of where you will position your ad. For example, if you plan to put your ad at an intersection, will drivers notice it?

The Bigger, the Better

Size counts a lot with outdoor advertising. The bigger your ad is, the more chance you’ll create more impressions.

Therefore, once you know your budget, aim to create the most prominent ad you can. Remember, most drivers will glance for a second or two at maximum before looking away.

Keep It, Bold, Simple, and Memorable

Since potential customers will only glance at your ad for a short period, you need to make a memorable impact with your OOH ad. Having a load of writing on your ad will be ineffective. No one is going to stop their car and read through it all!

Instead, make use of powerful imagery. Try to portray a feeling or emotion that someone can connect to your brand.

Get More OOH Ad Impressions

Follow these straightforward tips to get more OOH ad impressions. It’s also important to remember that this type of advertising is different from digital and print ads, so don’t take the same approach.

Thanks for checking out this post, and good luck with your next campaign! Also, please check out our blog if you have a moment for more tips.


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