AHIP Answers: How Do I Get My AHIP Certification?

You’re thinking about tapping into the revenue potential of selling government-administered Medicare Advantage plans this fall. And given the growing popularity of these plans, that’s smart thinking.

Research shows that the quantity of Medicare Advantage users has increased more than three times since 2004. The quantity now rests at over 26 million individuals in 2021.

But you can’t jump into the sales game just yet. First, it’s paramount that you attain your America’s Health Insurance Plans certification, or AHIP certification.

So, what is AHIP Certification, and how do sales agents obtain their AHIP certifications?

Here’s everything you need to know about receiving your AHIP certification moving forward.

Let’s jump in!

What IS AHIP Certification?

AHIP represents about 1,300 companies offering medical insurance to Americans. This trade association lobbies with the goal of using policy and research to create a medical care system that is more affordable.

However, before you can sell any Medicare Advantage plan, the majority of insurers will require you to complete AHIP training courses and receive AHIP certification. Why? Because this will keep you compliant with the most current Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services regulations.  

Attaining AHIP Certification

To be certified, you’ll need to take courses such as Waste & Abuse, and Medicare and Fraud. Then, you’ll have to pass the AHIP certification test. The good news is that it’s an open-book test, so you can use your notes while taking the exam.

The courses cover topics like Medicare Advantage benefits and eligibility. You’ll also learn about the various Medicare Advantage options and Part D drug plans. Additional topics include how to detect Medicare program fraud.

These types of self-study courses for AHIP certification are available through private training programs. 

Additional Important Considerations

Because Medicare Advantage plans change each year, you will need to pass the AHIP certification test annually to sell. 

You do have three pass attempts. However, if you fail all three times, you can still purchase a second set of attempts.

Still, many carriers won’t accept three failed attempts in a single year. So, you’ll likely have to wait the following year to try again.

Also, the AHIP certification test cost is $175, but you may be able to complete the test at a discount through a carrier’s agent portal.

Keep in mind that many insurance carries require their agents to keep getting certified to earn their renewal commissions as well. That’s because AHIP is frequently part of these companies’ certification requirements. 

Experience the Benefits of AHIP Certification Today

Now couldn’t be a better time to take full advantage of Medicare Advantage sales opportunities. And pursuing your AHIP certification is the first step.

Fortunately, the process of becoming AHIP certified doesn’t have to be complicated. Consider the above-listed certification tips and considerations to get certified. In no time, you can boost your insurance sales earning potential today.

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