Bede Pokemon: Pokémon Sword & Shield, Bio, Age, Character & More

Bede Pokemon: Pokémon Sword & Shield, Bio, Age, Character & More

Bede Pokemon: Introduction 


Bede Pokemon is one of the characters appearing in Pokemon Sword and Shield as a rival. He is one of the few people who had the honor to receive endorsement from Chairman Rose but later he had his Gym Challenger status revoked. But after this Opal recruited him to be her successor.

He is a specialist in Psychic types, but then changed his specialization o Fairy types after he succeeded Opal position.

Bede has a head of platinum blond hair which are curly and has purple eyes which are heavily lashed. He often wears a long magenta and violet coat, a golden wrist- watch, a thumbless glove in one hand, a Dynamax Band, clean white pair of pants that are meshed along the back and pink  “tabi-style” sneakers. His coat also has the Macro Cosmos symbol and a pouch stitched on the back of it.


Bede Pokemon: Ideas


Soon After he became Opal’s successor, his outfit changed to the pastel Galarian Fairy-type of uniform. He also pulls up an overly-baggy shirt that is tied up in the back. It has a long-sleeved white turtleneck underneath the shirt. He has white and pink shorts with his league number on his left leg and brightly coloured high-top trainers. He decides to keep his single thumbless glove and Dynamax Band, but ditches the white pants and switches them with a pair of mismatched leggings which are striped along his right leg. His eyes have a very noticeable light in them, after his succession.

Bede Pokemon
Class act of Bede Pokemon


Bede Pokemon: Creative Touch


Bede is shown to be extremely withholding his pride about his ability as a skilled Pokémon Trainer and also his endorsement from Chairman Rose. He is always eager to prove himself to be worthy. However, he also keeps in mind to keep things to himself and also acts very rude on occasion. The reason behind isn’t precise but the roots can be set up in the reason that he was sent to an orphanage at a very young age and thus, lacked socialisation skills.

He was sent there because of the issues going on with his parents. His difficulties didn’t make it easy for him to connect with other kids and thus he ended up in scuffles with them. Once chairman Rose even took him from there as a form of adoption. The chairman granted Bede a Hatenna Pokemon as his first Pokémon. After which he really became determined for his training for Pokemon battles. He also joined the gym challenge to prove himself worthy of the endorsement. 

Bede Pokemon

Magical Look


After he takes over Opal’s position, he seemed to have been mellowed out and he no longer refused to give out autographs. Him Being subjected to his harsh Fairy-type boot camp of his mentor, he more or less started saying some unbelievable silly stuff about Fairy types in general. he also begun calling the colour  pink, which he later changes to “the colour of Bede!” He also makes noticeable efforts to look after the player. He constantly keeps reminding them to take good care of themselves in terms of appearance and well-being.



Bede Pokemon has the look which very hard to beat. It does a lot about Bede and the way they do want to move forward. He can be seen wearing pink most of the time. His hair does look different than most boys. His eyes are big which does give a good look to his nose. He might not be able to see everywhere else – but it does give him a look and feel that does make an impact.

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