Beginners Guide to Microdosing with Magic Mushroom

Beginners Guide to Microdosing with Magic Mushroom

Before you try out microdosing with magic mushrooms, you need to know a few things. This beginner’s guide will include the basics of microdosing, how to do it safely, and what you can expect from the experience.

Microdosing involves taking a minimal dose of the active compound, psilocybin. It is usually done by taking one-tenth of a regular amount, or about 0.2 grams. 

You must begin with a low dose to determine what will work for you. Although it requires a small amount, each person has a different quantity that will work for them. Therefore, you need to find out what microdose of psilocybin will give you the desired effects.

How to Use Magic Mushrooms in Microdoses

Psilocybin microdosing is relatively simple. You must prepare the doses, take them appropriately, and adhere to a monthly procedure. You can do this to make sure you receive their long-term advantages. 


The process of preparing is straightforward but involves numerous steps. Estimating the psilocybin content of your specific mushroom is the hardest part. Psilocybin content varies among different strains. But there are also other options than taking dried shrooms.

You can avail tasty treats that contain accurately measured amounts of psilocybin. There is another option, mostly preferred by most users – capsules. You can easily consume them on a scheduled basis.

Osmosis Immune Support is a high-quality capsule product that contains accurately measured Golden Teacher strain and a microdosing blend of organic mushrooms. This item will provide the beneficial effects of psilocybe and the immune-boosting advantage of organic mushrooms. You can avail of this product at Zoomies Canada, a reputable online dispensary where you can buy psychedelics online in Canada.

It’s crucial to measure the dosage. The suggested dosage for dry, powdered mushrooms is 100 or 200 mg. It can also be a guide for people new to microdosing.

You can blend between 0.25 and 0.50 grams of the mixture with water. As every person’s neurophysiology and metabolism are unique, you can experiment gradually. When you find the best dosage, you may continue your usual activities while feeling better. This strategy aims to make your life more like the experiences you wish to have.


The ideal regimen will be individually created based on each person’s circumstances. Some people consume it daily, while others may do it weekly. Some people use it on the weekends, while others could microdose it on the weekdays.

You can take a three-day break to let your body recover after having it for four days straight. Your chance of getting the most out of a magic mushroom will be excellent if you give your body a break.

After comprehensive testing with your body and mind, you may determine your best plan. It is crucial to stop doing it daily. Due to the rise in tolerance, it is not recommended to take it every day. Remember that psilocybin is a powerful substance.

Effects won’t be felt or noticed as much as they once were when your tolerance increases. Instead of using them daily like a vitamin, consider taking them on a scheduled basis.

The Fadiman method calls for a dose every third day. However, there are other excellent choices, such as Paul Stamets’ suggested plan of five days of intake and two days of rest. 

You might want to experiment with different schedules to see what works best for you, but keep in mind that Stamets and Fadiman both suggest waiting a few days between doses to avoid developing a tolerance. They advise adhering to the strategy for several weeks and keeping track of changes in mood, behaviour, social interactions, etc.


People turn to microdosing not only to avoid the hallucinogenic effects of mushrooms but to enjoy the positive effects. You can soon experience a positive impact when you follow a scheduled pattern.

For Mental Health Issues

Consider the fact that one of the significant factors contributing to disability and bad health globally is depression. A hippocampus region in depressed people may have unusually active electrical pathways. Now consider that psilocybin’s capacity to modify pre-existing brain circuits and forge new connections is one of its distinctive qualities. 

Studies show that even a single dose, which stimulates these new neural pathways, can provide rapid and long-lasting relief from depressive symptoms.

It has been demonstrated to reduce anxiety and assist people in examining their inner selves for the sources of their worries and concerns, resulting in a calmer state of being.

Increased Creativity

Creativity is the capacity to provide fresh and relevant ideas, solutions, or products. Instead of being a single, unitary function, creativity comprises several smaller parts that present various, often contradictory cognitive tasks.

In a recent study on microdosing, researchers from the University of Toronto found that participants scored better on tests of wisdom, creativity, open-mindedness, and problem-solving. 

Social Benefits

Many say they feel more capable of handling or interacting with others daily while taking small doses of psilocybin. This effect might be brought about by reduced stress and an improved mood. Positive emotion management skills are associated with better, more accessible, and less irritated under stress personalities.


With this simple beginner’s guide, you can begin your journey with microdosing psilocybin. By taking low doses on a scheduled basis, you will soon feel the effects, such as reduced anxiety, increased mood and creativity, etc. You’ll receive what you have always wanted with the correct quantity and a high-quality microdose capsule.