Benefits of Banking With The Best Premier Banking in Singapore

Benefits of Banking With The Best Premier Banking in Singapore

Premier banking is a term that is used to refer to high-quality banking services. It is a term used in the banking industry and refers to banks with an extensive range of services, such as international activities, VIP customer support and reliable credit card issuers. Below are various benefits of banking with the best premier banking in Singapore.

  1. Personalized banking

All best premier banking in Singapore has a variety of services that are tailor-made according to the needs of their customers. For example, HSBC Premier Banking has an extensive range of premium services such as automated cash management over an online account, cash custody and overseas remittances. Customers can also transfer money through HSBC’s broad network and instantly make overseas transfers without having to go through a myriad number of procedures or charges.

  1. High-end banking facilities

Premier banking facilities also have advanced IT infrastructure with access to cutting-edge computers and technology as well as top-notch customer service for any queries that may arise. All Singapore-based premier banks also have a working relationship with the Central Provident Fund (CPF) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which helps to increase customer confidence in the banking services.

  1. Profitable banks

For those who want to be profiting from their banking, premier banking is usually a good choice because of the high level of interest payout these institutions give. For example, Citibank and HSBC pay out 4.50 per cent over the benchmark rate for personal deposits and also have a high level of interest for business accounts as well.

  1. Wide range of banking facilities for all types of clients

Most premier banking in Singapore has a wide range of services to provide for all kinds of clients. For example, Standard Chartered Bank provides a variety of banking solutions such as lending, overseas remittance and investment products which are tailor-made to meet the needs of their customers.

  1. Affordable

For those who want to avail themselves of the best premier banking facilities, it is available at an affordable cost. Premier banking has a low-cost maintenance fee that can be paid by either the bank or the customer.

  1. Customer support

Some of the premier banking in Singapore have a dedicated customer service centre helmed by experienced bankers and customer service executives to help customers resolve any issues that they may have. For example, the most bank has a 24-hour call centre which serves customers with any queries they may have regarding their banking facilities.

  1. Fraud protection

Premier banks in Singapore also have fraud protection systems in place to prevent online or offline fraudsters from accessing an account or stealing money from the account. Premier banks use sophisticated methods such as identity check confirmation, multi-factor authentication and random password changes to protect their accounts. Customers are also given free access to a safe deposit box for extra security of items such as passports or jewellery.

Bottom line

Premier banking is defined as a banking service that provides only the best services to clients. Whether it is security, customer service or affordability, premier banks in Singapore have a wide range of premier services that cater to the needs of all types of customers.

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