Krishnakoli is a popular bengali soap opera that narrates the story of a dusky village girl Shyama and her hardship. Played by Tiyasha, Shyama is a talented Keertan singer who sets on a journey to create her own identity after marriage. The story revolves around how she deals with obstacles while following her passion for singing and dancing.

Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni

A periodic Bengali drama TV series Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni is based on a true story that took place around 1700's in the male dominating society of Kolkata. Ditipriya Roy plays the lead in this TV series that narrates life events of Rani Rashmoni.

Alo Chhaya

Two girls, Alo and Chhaya, are raised together and they care deeply for each other. However, growing up under Chhaya's shadow comes at a cost for Alo. A few years later, Alo (Debadrita Basu) and Chhaya (Oindrilla Bose) are grown up. Alo is very intelligent, but all credits are taken by Chhaya.

Soudamini Sansar

Soundamini brings peace into the chaotic house of her in-laws after her marriage but dies soon. However, she returns to the same home as a young girl in her next birth...

Dadagiri Unlimited Season

Sourav Ganguly hosts one of the most memorable bangla quiz shows. The show eneavours to find and showcase the best talent in Bengal, across various fields.

Bokul Kotha

Bokul, a tomboy, gets married to Rishi, an affluent man, who refuses to accept her due to her mannerism. However, eventually, they fall in love and support each other through all odds.


A woman who can see the future, and decides to work out her power in making other people’s lives better! Trinayan’s is one such story, built around the central theme of our protagonist Trinayani, getting visions from the past.

Joy Baba Lokenath

Joy Baba Lokenath is a Bengali devotional drama television series on the life story of Baba Lokenath. Known as the Messiah for his compassion, kindness and divine grace, Baba Lokenath’s teachings have shown millions the path of tolerance and courage to overcome every hurdle in life. 


Netaji is a Bengali television series based on the life and journey of Subhas Chandra Bose. This patriotic drama series narrates the incidents in the life of a young Subhash who joined the freedom struggle and went on to become one.