Bess katramados and what is she doing in life – wrestler husband, bio, career, net worth

Bess katramados and what is she doing in life – wrestler husband, bio, career, net worth



Bess Katramados is a former model based in America who was born on the 13th of July, 1973 in Illinois. Though she was a model, she is rather popular for being in a romantic relationship with Paul. The duo’s first official appearance as a couple happened in 2002 very soon after Paul’s divorce from his first wife, Melissa. 


Quick biography of Bess Katramados 


Bess Katramados has a keen interest in the fashion industry and lived her life as a model. Despite doing well in her career, she only achieved fame when Paul entered her life. Paul is a renowned celebrity, known for his wrestling skills, and has been a wrestler since 1995. Today, both Paul and Bess are each other’s pillars of happiness in life. 


Bess Katramados physical appearance 


Bess had the perfect height for being a model and stood tall at 5’6 ft with a body weight of 64 kg. 


Family of Bess Katramados 


As for Bess, she follows Christianity as she was born into a Christian household. She has also expressed how she was more fond of her grandparents and spent time together even more than her parents

Currently, Bess and Paul are married and hence, live together as a family with two daughters. Other than two biological daughters of Bess and Paul, Bess is also a step mum of Cierra, the offspring of Paul and his first wife.


Bess Katramados’s early life & education 


The Caucasian model holds her privacy and has not discussed much about her early life. However, we do know that she has done her schooling at Lutheran High school and that she was not a nerdy student. Rather, her interest in the fashion industry lingered as a student, which she further progressed to achieve in life. 

As a model, Bess received numerous roles in campaigns and she was doing well in life. She even got a chance to travel as a part of her work. However, her major fame is only because of Paul’s crucial presence in her life. 


Personal life of Bess Katramados 


Bess Katramados is currently living her life with her beloved former wrestler husband, Paul. At the time both met, Paul was married to another woman who soon parted ways as Paul’s love interest was with Bess. While Paul went through a heartbreaking divorce for his new love, Bess also sacrificed her modeling career and family for the sake of love. 


Achievements of Bess Katramados 


Bess Katramados has been looking into the fashion industry since she was in high school. It was her dream to become a model, for which she even dropped out of college. Nevertheless, Bess ended up as a little above-average model but she couldn’t get through as a supermodel. 

Not to forget, she was part of some of the biggest campaigns and usually got work at ease. Soon after meeting Paul, her fame rose to a higher level but she quit her career at the same time. 


Social media usage of Bess Katramados 


Bess Katramados can be seen on Facebook where she’s followed by 5 Million users and another 1.5 million on Twitter. She’s usually inactive but has a Facebook and a Twitter profile, but she’s nowhere to be found on Instagram. 


The net worth of Bess Katramados 


While Paul is a millionaire having a net worth of $20 Million, Bess Katramados has not revealed hers. 



Bess lived her life to the fullest as a model, the exact thing she constantly fought for as a high school student, which she achieved exactly as she desired. If we talk about elegant women in the fashion industry, Bess Katramados surely has a spot. Her beauty is impeccable, which can be seen even today after years of her retirement as a model.

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