Best 10 Online Casinos in Singapore 2023

Best 10 Online Casinos in Singapore 2023

Despite the ongoing strict policies existing in Singapore regarding online casino gambling, the industry of betting is still thriving. The propagation of online casinos in the region is not stopping anytime soon so it is much better to separate the wheat from the chaff as early as possible.


To further expand your horizons, we took the liberty of narrowing down your options into ten potential go-to betting platforms. Each of these casino sites has unique features that let them stand on their own. 

Solarbet is the best overall


If you are seeking the best online casino Singapore 2023 site that has everything that you need in one giant pack of goodness, it’s Solarbet! From the wide array of betting games, generous offerings, safe banking options, and responsive customer personnel, to exclusive VIP programs that are above par the industry standards.

Solarbet’s contenders


Here are the contenders in the top casino sites in Singapore that also have pretty decent offerings.



BK8 is already an established brand in Asia and it is home to various gambling games from reliable game providers. Ever since it was launched in 2014, BK8 has gained a positive reputation in the gambling industry. However, the main strength of BK8 lies in its crypto-gambling support. 



Established in 2016, CMD368 is the best online casino Singapore 2023 platform in Southeast Asia. CMD368 is part casino, part sportsbook, and both sides of the business go hand in hand to provide the punters with a full gaming experience. The gambling site is known for its quality table games like poker, sic bo and baccarat. 



96M is a trusted online casino site in Singapore with a wide range of offerings from games to bonuses. The feature that you will appreciate the most is their live betting odds and services.



Aw8 started as an online casino that is catering exclusively to Singaporean punters. Eventually, they expanded their services outside of Singapore to accommodate other locations in the world. The most defining trait of the site is its options for banking methods that are operating locally.



One of the youngest betting sites on this roster is MD88, it was recently launched in 2019. What makes MD88 special is its mobile feature which is well-developed and is preferred by younger punters who are seeking a much more convenient way of betting.



Among the casino sites that are operating locally and internationally, UWin33 is considered a paradise for gamblers because you will get exactly what you expected out of this Singapore online casino suite. Although, you will mostly be delighted with their wide selection of banking methods.



While some casino sites only accept Singaporean and Malaysian punters, the platform goes the extra mile by including Thai bettors. Meanwhile, most of their seasoned bettors would tell you that their strongest feature is their wide options of online casino games.



Another best online casino Singapore 2023 site that is centered on the development of its mobile casino version is B88. The Singapore betting site has optimized its website for mobile devices. Additionally, you will be thrilled by the inclusion of obscure betting games like fishing and keno on the platform.



Finally, the list will not be completed without 12Play, an online casino, and sportsbook that is known for its robustness and world-class betting options. You will much appreciate their solid promotions and top-notch security features. 



While Singapore is heavily guarded with strict gambling statutes, there are still a lot of options for online gambling in the country. If you are not sure where to start in your gambling sessions, you can determine what aspect you want in the casino and align them with one of the items on this list. Take advantage of the offerings of the best online casino Singapore 2023 platform by signing up for a betting account!

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