Build Flutter Animations Without Coding

Build Flutter Animations Without Coding

This tutorial is aimed at beginners and covers some of the best examples of how to use Flutter in a full-fledged app.

The tutorial provides some links to resources that you can use if you want to learn more about Flutter.

Getting Started With Flutter

This is an introduction to Flutter which will help you get up and running as fast as possible, and most importantly, use no code to make the animation. However, remember that you still need a bit of coding to actually implement the animation into your IoS or Android app.

Follow this tutorial to learn Flutter basics and how to create a simple animation with mobile optimized development.

What are Flutter Animations

An animation is a sequence of visual changes made within a mobile app to provide a visual representation of an action or condition. Animations are not restricted to touch events, since mobile devices provide many other ways to control the user interface. Flutter uses the BitmapFactory class to create animations.

When to Use Flutter Animations

Flutter allows developers to use animations not only to provide visual representation of some element in a UI, but also to speed up the app’s interaction with the user. The animations help to provide improved user experience and are quite popular among app developers.

For example, Google’s Twitter app, was built with Flutter, and although the app was originally created for Android, the animation speeds up the app interaction with the user.

Flutter Animations for Mobile and Desktop

The good news is that you don’t have to limit yourself to mobile. The Flutter platform has several libraries that can be used to create animations on any platform.

If you are working with a desktop environment, the Flutter platform also has libraries for creating animations on MacOS. You can use these animations to achieve the same effect on desktop devices as well.

Pros of Flutter Animations

  • Animations can be used to provide visual feedback to the user about an action or condition.
  • They can be controlled with a simple API call.
  • A user interface can change on a whim, without having to write a lot of code.
  • Animations can play different, but the same, animations at the same time.
  • Animations are written in different languages so that developers have the opportunity to target more than one platform with their animations.
  • Animations are very customizable.
  • It takes advantage of the OS’s special capabilities.
  • It provides a developer with a simple and efficient way to create animations.

How to Create Flutter Animations Without Coding

You don’t have to know how to code to create beautiful Flutter animations. All you have to do is use a no-code tool to create Flutter animations that can help you export the code instantly.

You don’t have to worry, the animation will look exactly the same in your mobile app as it does on your screen.

Here are the steps that you must take:

  1. Create the animation
  2. Choose the Flutter export option from the export panel
  3. Install the webview
  4. Place the code you exported earlier

Final Words

This tutorial helps you understand how to create Flutter animations without any coding.

If you use it and make some animations for your app, don’t forget to submit it to App Stock and other app markets, so that you can spread the good word of Flutter to your fellow developers.

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