3 Tips to Create an Online Business Platform

70% of small to mid-sized businesses are investing in their digital presence. Isn’t it time that your business caught up? It’s not fun realizing that your business’s engagement tactics are a little out of date. Even if you do have an online presence, you might be struggling to keep people interested in your business. But it’s … Read more

What Is the Difference Between Bookkeeping and Accounting?

Did you know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates about 172,200 job openings for bookkeepers, accountants, and auditing clerks every year for the next decade? If you are good with numbers becoming a bookkeeper or accountant may be the right career for you. Or, if you are an entrepreneur, you may be needing to hire … Read more

How to Manage a Law Firm

If you’re a law firm then you may or may not know about different random laws around the United States. In Los Angeles for example, pickles are outlawed due to their offensive smell. In Kalispell, Montana, children aren’t allowed to buy lollipops without a doctor’s note. Whether or not you’re aware of these laws, you still … Read more

Business Tools: What Is Online Reputation Management?

Did you know that 75 percent of consumers will have a higher level of trust with a company if it has positive reviews? There are many business tools out there that are perfect for brand building. They’ll help your company website. None is more important than reputation management for your business. In order to find … Read more

How to Become a Bookkeeper: A Career Guide

Over 1.6 million bookkeepers work in the United States. They enjoy a certain amount of job security thanks to their skill set centered around math, accounting, and spreadsheets. No matter what industry a business is in, they need someone to manage the money.  Unlike other money-centric positions, bookkeepers can get started with relatively little schooling … Read more

Why You Should Use a Budgeting App

Did you know that almost 40% of Americans have less than $300 in their savings account?  Budgeting has always been important, but it’s even more vital in an age where the economic losses caused by the pandemic have made a large dent in many Americans’ finances. But by using a budgeting app, you can keep track of your money … Read more

Disability Guides: Your Guide to Hiring Disability Speakers

Today, around one million people in the US live with severe disabilities, and another 2 million have functional limitations. However, only a meager 35 percent of adults of working age with disabilities are employed. Many people with disabilities have inspiring stories to share, are highly adept public speakers, and can connect with specific audiences in … Read more

Get focused: at home or at work

Focus is something really important for nearly everyone. You can use your focus both at home and at work. Giving you an edge that makes everything you do easier and better. Focus is the thing that leads to new creations and inventions. It gives you a way do something in the best possible way, with … Read more