Education Through Music: Why Not to Pass Up a Musical Education

Did you know that art funds for schools decreased by more than 43% in 2019? While many see the arts as an unnecessary subject for students, education offers many benefits through music and the arts.  This guide will explain some of the most important benefits of learning music. Keep reading to learn what they are.  … Read more

How to Learn More Words: A Beginner’s Guide

Did you know the average American knows a minimum of 42,000 words by the time he’s twenty? That may seem impressive at first, but that number will rise to at least 48,000 by the time he turns 60. For four decades, 6,000 words doesn’t seem like that much of an improvement, does it? If you want … Read more

Use of Mind Maps in UPSC Revision

The UPSC syllabus is a comprehensive one and candidates try to adopt different techniques to learn and revise wide-ranging topics. One such tool to learn a new topic or revise an old one is a mind map. One should know that mind maps are the best tool to organize your ideas, concepts and notes. These … Read more

5 ways to become best friend of education

Education is something which is very hard to get. Those, who have had ample backing in academics, do not understand this term in a better manner. However, others do know the value of getting the right direction. There could have been more legends had we got a level playing field. Hence, the value of school/college … Read more

5 ways to make your English better

There is no doubt that English is the leading language in the whole world. It is a common language which can help you to become better. From India to Nigeria, English has been respected more than any other tongue. It is indeed simple and easy to understand. However, the impact of English people has also … Read more