Characteristics of Best Fleet Management System

Characteristics of Best Fleet Management System

Global logistics operations have made our world smaller and easy to access. Today, massive freight volumes are transported from one corner of the planet to another, and the global logistics sector has become a key enabler of improved lifestyles and an important contributor to global GDP. Yet, if we look at things from an objective point of view, there is still a lot of scope for resource optimization and process enhancements that can lead to a superior logistics experience for all transportation management systems.

Most of the international logistics companies that operate large fleets are still reliant on human effort. However, the recent changes ushered in by the pandemic have highlighted how manual, hands-on logistics operations are no longer feasible or safe from disruptions. The need for modern logistics operations is to have a cloud-based fleet management system that automates and streamlines various processes. It can increase fleet availability, and reduce operating costs. There are various benefits that such advanced software can offer. These include:

Unified fleet management

For transport companies, it is obvious that their vehicles would be spread across different locations. At the same time, there is the need to have real-time awareness of each vehicle’s location, performance, and availability. That’s where a cloud fleet management system would enable single-window fleet induction, management, tracking, and maintenance functions for all fleets irrespective of their locations.

Workshop maintenance

Casual and manual workshop operations cause significant wastage and leakage of inventory. However, advanced cloud-driven software would reduce such wastage courtesy of the integrated workshop module that can handle workshop operation management, inventory management, and billing processes.

Fleet optimization

Leading global companies such as Ramco Systems offer a fleet management system that is equipped with AI, machine learning, data analytics, IoT, and cloud technologies. It would enable tracking of all vehicles and adherence to maintenance schedules. Thus, the users get optimized fleet allocation recommendations and superior trip-vehicle compatibility.

Efficient fleet retirement

Our efficient software keeps complete track of a vehicle’s lifecycle and performance levels. Thus, when the time comes, it would evaluate the fleet on parameters such as the usage history, current condition of vehicles, and more. All these factors enable getting the best value out of the fleet retirement process.

Work order capitalization

Ramco Systems’ fleet management software offers partial as well as full capitalization of the work order.

Not only these, the leading fleet management system is capable of working seamlessly with various other software and systems to create a fully integrated end-to-end logistics platform. For instance, it can integrate:

Transport Management System

End to End Transport Management for Third Party Logistics, Freight Forwarder, Courier-Express, and Parcel.

Warehouse Management System

Streamlined and easily scalable warehouse operations with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Hub Management

Exclusive hub management module to manage all Hub, Cross Dock Center, and CFS tasks.

These are just a few glimpses of what a truly international fleet management system can offer to logistics companies. With cloud and AI becoming the new norm, it is time for you to take a look at Ramco Systems’ offerings for your business!

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