Creative Ways to Encourage Wellness in the Workplace

When working full time, you often find that you spend more of your waking hours at work than you do at home. It’s for this reason that community wellness in the workplace is so important to get right. Work can be stressful, which can result in anxiety in tension; however, these feelings of discomfort can be mitigated when the right steps are implemented. From personal connections to physical activities, there are many ways in which companies can encourage wellness in the workplace. Discover the most creative and effective ways of promoting workplace wellness below. 


Loneliness and isolation are some of the most crippling feelings in the world, and it’s essential that no one is subjected to these feelings in the workplace. Therefore, employers might encourage employees to all partake in something which can be shared as a common conversation point. For instance, the company might vote on a show that everyone should try and keep up to date with so that conversations can be had about this at work. This means that even the quieter members of the workplace can get involved in conversations, which helps ensure that no one is feeling left out. 


A lot of workplace stress stems from a lack of preparedness, so employers may help people avoid this stress by giving them the means of preparing for their day. Perhaps there is a designated section of the workplace that employees are able to visit and gather their thoughts. It may even be equipped with the necessary stationery for employees to physically note down ideas in a visually appealing way. Perhaps these “to-do lists” are then shared with the team, as verbalizing things can be a helpful memory tool. 


Everyone needs their downtime and, sometimes, this downtime is required in the middle of the day. This is especially true of employees who are unable to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night. The fact of the matter is that employees simply won’t be able to perform to the best of their ability if they’re struggling to keep their eyes open. It’s for this reason that some workplaces have nap rooms so that employees can have a little recharge if they’re feeling sleepy. Companies that have implemented these measures have seen their productivity skyrocket, as employees are as energized as can be. 


Sometimes we just need five to 10 minutes of mindfulness where we concentrate on nothing but breathing and existing. It’s so easy to become consumed and overwhelmed by work matters; however, having a few minutes to practice mindfulness can really help you put everything into perspective. Every day, you might set aside five to 10 minutes in which everyone in the company should take the time to have a meditation session. This will result in a sense of unity as everyone cleansing themselves of the stress that they’re feeling. 


Not only is exercise imperative to your physical wellbeing, but it’s also essential to your mental wellbeing. It’s for this reason that employers might set aside 20 minutes of each day wherein employees can collectively engage in some physical activity. This doesn’t need to be an intense workout, and it might be as simple as a company walk around the block. Getting the joints moving and being exposed to fresh air is a great way to cleanse yourself of stress and feel better throughout the workday. 

Giving Back

When you make others feel good, you, in turn, feel good. Therefore, companies might encourage employees to take part in give back initiatives. Not only does this promote company wellness, but it contributes towards a good cause. 

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