Creative Window Shading Ideas for Country Living

Living in the country offers some privacy and quiet living advantages, which offers a different way of considering window coverings. Rather than block others from seeing in, they are more for keeping the sun out, and when paired with other pieces of country style, they can translate to city living with a country feel when needed. You can find Melbourne’s #1 plantation shutters over at their website, or continue reading to learn more about your window shading options. 

Canopy Curtains

Canopy curtains can be used and hung in a new way. Rather than hang them across the window from the top, they are anchored in the center, and then each curtain is pulled to one side to drape across the top corners of the window. They can be hung over simple white blinds to allow for the light to be blocked out without ever creating a dark space, and the gentle drape is relaxed and flowy. 

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains allow for a gentle light to ease through the fabric while blocking out part of the sun during peak hours and keeping the space a little cooler than otherwise. In addition, they offer an aromantic feel to the space and allow the room to feel airy and light, well suited to country living and open spaces.

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours fit in any décor and create an open and welcoming space. Country living is about relaxed quiet living, and neutral tones offer that quiet. They can be used as curtains or blinds for any type of window covering that fits the rest of the space and provides the convenience you enjoy. For more coverage, choose a lined curtain or blind, while less coverage and more openness can be created with thin or light cotton curtains. 


Neutral tones include beige and tans and off-white and cream shades. In addition, Brown and grey can be used as a neutral pallet and allow for the addition of color or patterns on accessories and accents.

Simple Shades

Basic roll-down blinds can offer shade and, once retracted, are minimal in the space they use. This keeps the open feel of the space while still providing shade from the sun when they are put down. By keeping them minimalistic and straightforward, there is no distraction from the views when they are open, and they blend well with any style of décor. 

Basic Patterns

Adding a basic pattern can change the look of any room. Light colors with a petit pattern can create a gentle and welcoming atmosphere, suitable for any room of the house. Country-style homes are well suited to plaid and checkered patterns, along with flowery designs that reflect a garden space. Country living allows for cozy fabrics, neutral colors, and open spaces. With wood trims bringing in the sense of the outdoors and endless options for window coverings and accents, the space will have personality and can help make everyone feel welcome.

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