Crystals for Confidence: Can They Help You Build Self-Esteem?

Americans make up 35% of the world’s gemstone market. 

Many of these precious gemstones are crystals that people are buying from metaphysical retailers. They’re crystals people believe are helping bring in inner peace, self-love, abundance, and so much more. 

Plenty of people are skeptical about the spiritual beliefs around crystals, but many others are strong believers. 

Read below for our quick guide on using crystals for confidence. 


One of the best crystals for self-confidence is Carnelian. This red-orange crystal is said to evoke creativity, better intuition, and vitality. 

Many people purchase carnelian to help activate their root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. Activating these chakras provides better stability and grounding for moving forward in decisive action. 

Wear this stone in a necklace or ring if you’re planning on heading to a social event, especially if it’s business-related. It’ll help in becoming more confident, outspoken, and warm. 


There’s no need to search for ‘citrine crystal meaning‘ because we have it here. 

Tons of people say this is the best crystal for confidence. This amazing quartz is bright yellow and aligns the wearer with the positive, flourishing aspects of their life. It also aids in bringing in abundance. 

Are you feeling unbalanced in your pursuits? Do you feel like your thoughts and feelings are racing as you get closer to your goals?

Wear citrine in a small piece of jewelry. It’s great for balancing emotions. 

Rose Quartz

If you’re looking for crystals for self healing and gentle love, Rose Quartz is the crystal for you. 

This soft pink quartz brings in deep healing and deeper connections with those around you. It’s the perfect crystal to keep close by if you’re feeling low about your appearance, passions, or relationships. 

Take your confidence boost to the next level by adding rose quartz to your beauty routine. Use a Rose Quartz roller for your skin, or calm inflammation with rose and Rose Quartz water. 

Many people wear rose quartz or keep pieces of it in their room. Don’t be too surprised when you start noticing an extra dose of love coming your way once you purchase yourself this crystal. 

Tiger’s Eye

Bring greater focus and clarity into your life with a beautiful Tiger’s Eye crystal. 

This crystal will activate your crown chakra and enhance your focus on your skills and goals. It’s great for blocking out negativity and poor self-talk. 

Go ahead and grab some Tiger’s Eye if you struggle with irrational, anxious thoughts around reaching your goals and conquering obstacles. 

Welcoming Renewal: The Best Crystals for Confidence

We all struggle with self-love, healing from grief, and ignoring negativity. Use the above-mentioned crystals for confidence to bring in a fresh perspective. 

Tiger’s Eye, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, and Citrine are all beautiful and powerful in their ways. Choose the crystal that speaks the most to you, and use it in the way you prefer. Everyone’s journey is different. 

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