London based firm CusaLens raises $45 million

London based firm CusaLens raises $45 million

CausaLens, a London-based deeptech firm specialising in causal AI, announced a $45 million Series A round led by Dorilton Ventures and Molten Ventures, formerly Draper Esprit. The round was also oversubscribed by existing investors Generation Ventures and IQ Capital, as well as GP Bullhound and other investors. Dorilton Ventures’ Daniel Freeman has joined the board of directors of CusaLens. CusaLens 45m 250mlundentechcrunch.

Customers and partners of CausaLens include organisations in healthcare, financial services, and government, among others, where its technology is used not only for AI-based decision making but also to add more cause-and-effect nuance when arriving at outcomes.CausaLens 250mlundentechcrunch. AI 45m series tencentshutechcrunch. Activ 45m capitalbetueltechcrunch.

“Human bodies are complex systems, and so applying basic AI paradigms, you can find any pattern you want, any correlation you want, and you’re not getting anywhere,” Darko Matovski, the startup’s CEO and founder, explained in an interview. “However, if you use cause and effect techniques to understand the mechanics of how different bodies work, you can gain a better understanding of how one part affects another.”

Current AI technologies rely on correlation, a statistical link between a fact and its effect that ignores variable interaction. Causality seeks the factor responsible for the effect and is thus increasingly used in internal audits to improve mission efficiency.

The causaLens platform allows for the quantification of cause and effect relationships, bringing it closer to human reasoning. It continues to rely on exhaustive automation to clean, categorise, and track data while associating it with causal models and explainable information. It facilitates human-machine collaboration and integrates decision making.

CausaLens emerged from stealth mode a year ago, and its revenue has increased by over 500% since then. Leading banks, hedge funds, governments, and Fortune 500 companies are among its clients. “After scanning over 50,000 resumes, causaLens has assembled the most successful group of AI scientists and engineers ever assembled to implement causal AI,” the company claims. This round of funding will enable it to more than double its team by 2022 while also investing to maintain its competitive technological edge. It does indeed tell the future they are looking and how it will make an impact to shine in the very best manner. It does lead them to create new plans and at the same time, shining with the at the very best level. This, in a way, makes them special and creative at the same time. It does open windows for them to make things special and then lead things to a sensational level in the very best way, making a glorious run that is very special and hard to beat in many different ways. It does tell a lot about the plan they are having and how will it take things to glory at a very fine level. Many do see the brand moving forward very well and creating a loop that is indeed very hard to beat or surpass. This does make things special and creative at the same time.

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