Enhanced music programme for Nursery to Year 9

Music has a significant impact on the learning of children and is a key component of our curriculum. Teaching children to play musical instruments at a young age is one of the most important things to do to ensure they develop life-long music appreciation.

The enhanced music programme aims to provide children with an ongoing education in music which includes a variety of contemporary and classical strands, and opportunities to learn instruments including clarinet, concert band, keyboard/piano, percussion, and violin.

The music department strives to maintain a balanced approach to music in the school by providing opportunities for all children to learn instruments. Nursery and Reception pupils also have the opportunity to access weekly music sessions from trained professionals through the Play, Sing & Move (PSM) programme.

How the programme is delivered:

The programme is delivered through a combination of formal and informal music lessons, with an emphasis on learning by doing. Lessons are carefully structured to ensure that all children make progress at their rate and can achieve success.

In addition to group and individual tuition, children have the opportunity to take part in whole-class ensemble work, where they learn to play together as part of a team. This is an important aspect of the programme, as it helps children to develop their social skills and learn to cooperate with others.

Ensembles also perform regularly in school concerts and assemblies, giving children the chance to showcase their talents in front of an audience. These performances are a valuable opportunity for children to build confidence and self-esteem.

What are the benefits of the programme?

The enhanced music programme offers many benefits to children, including:

– Improved concentration and memory

– Enhanced creativity and imagination

– Improved self-discipline and motivation

– Increased confidence and self-esteem

– They can play together in an ensemble which helps develop social skills

– Opportunities to perform in front of an audience, which builds confidence

– An enjoyable way to learn about music and develop a lifelong appreciation for it.

Performances are an integral part of the music programme, and children are encouraged to take part in regular concerts and recitals. These provide valuable opportunities for children to showcase their talents and build confidence in front of an audience.

How do you choose the right programme for your child?

The music department offers a range of musical activities and opportunities for children of all ages and abilities. To help you choose the right programme for your child, there are several factors to consider, such as:

– Your child’s age and stage of development

– Their previous experience and exposure to music

– Their interests and musical tastes

– Your family’s musical background

– Their level of interest in music

The music department also offers a range of specialized programmes for children with specific needs, such as those with disabilities or behavioural difficulties. When choosing a programme for your child, it is important to meet with the music staff to discuss your child’s individual needs and requirements.

The music department is committed to providing all children with the opportunity to learn about and enjoy music. Every child is valued and supported to reach their full potential.

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