Every Trending Bathroom Color Scheme in 2022

Did you know that people usually go to the bathroom around seven times per day?

It’s easy to overlook the bathroom when decorating and renovating. However, we spend more time in the bathroom than most people realize. With this in mind, it’s crucial to have an atmosphere that’s perfect, and that starts with bathroom colors.

Are you wondering what colors can elevate your space? Keep reading to learn all about every trending bathroom color scheme in 2022.

Black And Charcoal Gray

When it comes to commercial bathroom color schemes, a combination of black and gray may sound depressing, but the effect is quite the opposite. Despite bathrooms being a relatively small space, the use of a brash black color and charcoal gray can add an atmosphere of sophistication.

This is especially true if you include a brighter shade of white to offset the darker colors. If you have an eatery, then these colors can complement your restaurant bathroom partitions.

Soft Blues And Greens

The best commercial bathroom colors are those that give each visitor feelings of relaxation and calm. That’s why a combination of soft greens and blues has become quite popular and Light Brown Aesthetic does hold a special place in the hearts of several people.

These colors might seem like they would clash in theory, but this is far from the case. In fact, these softer or paler tones of color can make you feel like you’ve stepped inside a luxury spa.

Pale Blue And White

Are you still wondering how to design a commercial bathroom? The kitsch way of decorating a bathroom is by going with an obvious ocean or beach theme.

You can still evoke the feeling of these places without being so on the nose. A combination of pale blue and white can give you the essence of the beach as much as the sky or even heaven. Very few color combinations are as relaxing and easy on the eyes as pale blue and white.

Berry Shades With Citrus

Do you like making statements? If so, you can get a little wild with it by choosing various shades of berry. To complete the atmosphere, you can use citrus tones as accents.

As long as the shades aren’t too bright or bold, you can give the subtle feeling of a candy shop. There are also elements of the 60s in this color combination.

If you opt for darker shades, then you can add a sophisticated dimension of moodiness to the aesthetic.

Are You Ready To Choose The Best Bathroom Color Scheme?

Now that you’ve learned all about every trending bathroom color scheme in 2022, you can use them as inspiration for your bathroom. Whether it’s a guest bathroom or one for your personal use, the atmosphere is always important.

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