Father of the greatest luxury brand: Guccio Gucci

Father of the greatest luxury brand: Guccio Gucci

Every person in this world is aware of this legendary brand, Gucci. Well, as luxurious as this brand is, there is a great amount of history and hard work behind making this brand what it is today. There is one man who started this business and his name was Guccio Gucci or Guccio Giovanbattista Giacinto Dario Maria Gucci. Guccio was an Italian businessman and a fashion designer. He is also the founder of the greatest luxury brand the House of Gucci. He was born in the city of Florence, Italy on 26th March 1881 to an Italian couple.

Early life, childhood, and parents: Guccio Gucci


Guccio Gucci was the son of Tuscan parents, his father was a leather craftsman and his name was Gabriello Gucci and his mother was Elena Santini. Guccio Gucci did not initially take on his father`s business, rather he traveled to London, Paris, and worked as a dishwasher, waiter, and concierge. He has also worked in an esteemed hotel in London, Savoy hotel as a bell boy and it is exactly where the inception of the brand Gucci started. As the hotel was visited by rich and elite class people, Guccio Gucci used to observe their styles and got greatly inspired by those.

Professional career: Guccio Gucci

After his time in London, Guccio Gucci returned to Italy and started with the small leather luggage business. He was immensely inspired by the luggage and suitcases people used to carry in Savoy hotel and particularly by H.J cave and sons which was a big luggage company. Guccio Gucci connected back with his father`s roots in the leather business and created great quality bags and horse riding accessories like saddles, caps, boots, etc. He started his first shop in Florence in 1932 and soon his business took off due to its credibility in crafted leather goods and amazing quality.

Guccio Gucci
A legend!

They later started making signature shoes, handbags, and accessories, also expanding their business in Milan and Rome. Gucci has a wide range of elite and upper class, celebrity-studded clientele. Eventually, as Guccio grew his family his sons took over the holds of their business and expanded it worldwide. Unfortunately, Guccio  did not live to see the grandeur of his brand worldwide and its expansion around the globe as he died in 1953.

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Marriage and personal life:

Guccio Gucci was married to a woman named Aida Calvelli and had six children with her, he had 5 sons and a daughter. His were sons Vasco, Aldo, Ugo, Enzo, and Rodolfo, One of his sons, Enzo died in his childhood, and his son Ugo was adopted from his wife`s previous affair. Guccio Gucci passed on his business to his sons and excluded his daughter from it. Their brand only stayed in the holds of their family until the 3rd generation of the Gucci family.

The last owner of the brand was Maurizio Gucci (grandson of Guccio Gucci). The brand has a dramatic family story attached to it such as disputes between the siblings over the control of the family, controversies, conspiracies, and a coping with the fakes emerging in the market, lowering brand credibility. Nonetheless, the brand has never failed to give out remarkable designs and products to its customers, and thus, it is one of the most reputed brand in the market.

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