Five Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Velvet Bed

A bed will always be the most crucial furnishing in the bedroom. It will determine the tone and style for the entire space. Therefore, having the right one can make your sleeping experience dream-like, or it can also be a nightmare.


If you want to experience the utmost luxury and comfort in your bedroom, you may want to check out how Comfortable Velvet Beds can be. These types of mattresses offer an ideal mix of sophisticated style and plush comfort, making your bedroom a wonderful space to take refuge from the stresses of the world.


5 Things To Consider

So what are the advantages of having a velvet bed, and what are the things you should look for when comparing beds online? Let’s check out the details below.


●    Budget

With the number of options to choose from, you can purchase a velvet bed for as low as £99, and the price can go higher depending on the size and the materials used. But regardless of your preference, there’s a velvet bed out there for you.


●    Bed Sizes

Beds come in different sizes, so you need to consider your bedroom’s area when choosing the best one. For example, velvet beds can range from a single, small, double, king and super king. So you can already estimate what type and size of the bed will best fit your bedroom.

●    Bed Types

There’s a lot to select from when it comes to the bed type. When it comes to the bed bases, there are two different types that you need to take note of. There are velvet beds with a platform or those with a sprung slatted base.


Velvet beds with a platform offer a firm base for your mattress. This type of base is low, flat and is usually made of wood. Furthermore, they are well-ventilated, and they have no wooden slats. So if you are looking at keeping your costs low, this may be the best option for you.


Those with sprung slatted bases, on the other hand, are mattress-friendly because the slats curve and bend when pressure is applied. Moreover, these bases tend to be stronger than those with a traditional base.


Those with platforms will allow you to use a mattress without a box spring. On the other hand, sleigh, four-poster and canopy beds have a formal appearance, making bedrooms feel more upscale and glamorous.


Panel beds also come in a variety of styles. Furthermore, there are options for arched and scalloped shapes that look more traditional. There are simpler shapes available as well, and these work best with modern and transitional rooms.


●    Headboards and Footboards

Headboards offer back support, and these can add more style to your room. Some velvet beds already include a headboard, but you can also purchase it separately if you want. You can choose from smooth, panelled or buttoned styles.


Footboards give your bed a more traditional look with a classic finish. In addition, it will help stop the mattress from slipping. You can choose from low or high footboards. However, if you plan on making your bed the focal point of the room, it would be best to opt for a high footboard because they give a sense of grandeur and chicness.


But if you are looking for a contemporary feel, low footboards are the best because the lower height will allow your room to look more spacious.


●    Colour

Your approach in selecting the colour for your velvet bed can come in many ways. For example, you can choose one in the same colour as the walls or choose one opposite to achieve a bolder contrast.


You can choose beige if you prefer warm and subtle tones. Or if you want something refreshing you can choose earthy colours such as teal, blue or green. But, if you want something minimalist, you can either choose black or white.


Additional Tips

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, you should do it weekly by brushing away the debris with a soft brush. Always remember to graze in the direction of the pile to keep things as smooth as possible.


If you spill something on your bed, immediately get a clean and absorbent cloth to blot it and do it in a dabbing manner, not a rubbing one or else you make the stain look worse. For older marks, use mild soap and water to clean them out. Then use a hairdryer to speed things up.


However, if you’ve done everything you can but are still unsuccessful, it would be best to hire a professional cleaner.



Velvet is a timeless and versatile fabric. It works with a lot of bedroom themes and colours. So whether you have painted walls or bare-brick ones, having a velvet bed will add the comfort and style you’ve always been searching for. For more information about double mattresses size visit Sleep Republic.


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