Getting Serious About IT: Why AWS Certifications Are Highly Recommended

Getting Serious About IT: Why AWS Certifications Are Highly Recommended

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a massive cloud platform offering everything from database migrations to content delivery. Consisting of a wide array of cloud products and services aimed at providing companies with a simple solution for running their business more efficiently, AWS is looking to become the most popular platform most organizations will use in the near future. For that reason, many IT professionals are wondering whether getting AWS-certified is truly worth it, and what benefits these qualifications will be able to provide. If you’re asking the same questions as well, here are some reasons why AWS certifications are highly recommended at the moment:

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Global recognition

AWS certificates tend to provide brilliant employment opportunities. These qualifications are recognized in most countries around the globe, meaning you might be able to find employment anywhere in the world, no matter where you acquired your certifications. The cloud-based nature of the AWS platform could provide further flexibility as well. You can use your special skills and knowledge regardless of your location, which provides opportunities for remote work and a digital nomad lifestyle regardless of the location of the business you decide to work for.

High demand

With international recognition also comes a rise in demand, especially considering the fact that the AWS platform continues to gain popularity, and its user pool continues to expand. Amazon currently controls around 33% of the entire cloud computing market, significantly more than its largest competitors. AWS is managing to reach a stable year-on-year growth of 43% as well, which represents a continuous influx of prospective clients and a potential for market dominance in the future. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that AWS professionals are in high demand all over the world, and will continue to be sought-after as Amazon expands even further.

Competitive salaries

As AWS certifications are still thought to be a commodity, skilled and experienced industry professionals might be able to get quite lucrative salaries in this field. According to recent surveys, AWS certification training can increase the average salaries of certified professionals by nearly 26%, while Forbes estimates the annual figure could be raised by an attractive $12,000. In fact, the average yearly salary for a professional AWS Certified Solutions Architect in North America sits at around $161,000, which is considered to be among the highest earnings in the industry, and significantly higher compared to IT professionals without AWS certifications.

Simple to earn

Regardless of the specific qualifications, getting certified in any field can be a challenging and time-consuming process. But AWS certifications might make it less challenging. As long as you choose the right AWS certification path, the learning process will be more suitable and relevant to you and your career. Official training partners and authorized instructors will be able to use high-quality curriculum content and delivery systems needed for gaining the full benefits of AWS services, easily taking you from having no AWS knowledge to becoming a skilled industry professional capable of effectively using, deploying, and managing these services.

Building skills

When an employee is new to the IT industry, they present a potential risk to employers as their knowledge and skills remain uncertain in the beginning. With AWS certifications, this issue can be resolved, or at least help to demonstrate professionalism and experience in the field. Most AWS certification courses include extensive training and aim to validate the technical skills and competencies of IT professionals that employers are willing to pay for. As a result, AWS-certified individuals tend to be able to perform at higher levels, offering higher speeds and productivity than their non-certified counterparts.

Showing commitment

Earning formal certifications takes plenty of time and effort, which clearly demonstrates a candidate’s commitment and hard work. This level of dedication will surely make a good impression on prospective employers, as well as future colleagues and partners. This means that getting AWS-certified won’t only equip you with the right tech knowledge needed for succeeding in the industry; it will provide you with some great soft skills that HR professionals often favor during the hiring process as well.

Business opportunities

Apart from candidates wanting to increase their chances in the job market, AWS certifications could also have a number of benefits for businesses. Devoting more resources and attention to an in-house AWS department will make any organization more self-sufficient, while helping to build scalability as well. Businesses can also get the opportunity to set up additional streams of income by outsourcing their staff to other companies and acting as third-party service providers, a practice they might currently be paying for themselves.

As the digital world continues to expand and the need for skilled experts continues to rise, acquiring AWS certifications represents a highly recommended tactic for industry professionals. These certificates provide unique skillsets, higher salaries, and better job opportunities, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they become a necessary job requirement in the near future as well.