Hair removal at home from Bella Verde.

Hair removal at home from Bella Verde.

Are you set on smoother, less hairy skin, and a method that would allow you more time to do other things and save you money? When it comes to hair removal, we have got you covered.

Innovation has made it possible to do one thing in several ways. And this invariably provides you with the opportunity of wanting to or trying out these many methods to see which is the best fit for you. From popular methods like threading, shaving, and so on. Of all these methods available, here is a method that would earn you more free time to throw into other doing things like books, work/job, home-cleaning, grocery shopping, and so on, and lesser costs implications.


Waxing is a hair removal process which has gained immense popularity in the recent past. Waxing is long-lasting, effective, and simple, not to add that it allows you to skip going to the salon. It also helps that it does not cost much and can be done at home.

Waxing as it may seem like a quick treatment takes quite a bit of effort, preparation, and patience on your part.

This is primarily because it is one of the most effective ways to remove hair from sensitive body parts like legs, arms, and bikini area.

Benefit of waxing

  1. You get to skip going to the salon and having to wait for an appointment.
  2. Waxing is fabulous at quickly, affordably and safely removing hair from most areas of the body.
  3. It is less expensive, convenient (you can do it in the comfort of your home), and highly effective.

So before setting out for waxing check these tips:

Get a hair trimming session before waxing

Before getting your waxing experience, it is a very good idea to get your body hair trimmed or clipped. Moreover, trimming these body parts can reduce the amount of hair removed during the waxing process. So, if you have long body hair, you must get it trimmed before getting your first ever wax.

Use the best quality products while waxin

The best quality wax will not burn your skin or cause any redness. Moreover, it will be able to remove even the smallest hair from your body.

At Bella Verde, we offer the best type of waxing kit that is suitable for your skin.

Use pain-relieving sprays during waxing

So, if you have sensitive skin and you are getting your first ever waxing, then you must use a pain-relieving spray. There are many brands that manufacture pain-relieving sprays. So, before your waxing, you can check the ingredients of the spray and can buy it according to your skin type.


No doubt, waxing requires some safety precautions, to avoid injury or infections. So, pay attention:


l  Prepare the wax.

l  Prepare the strips.

l  Apply a bit of baby powder on the spot you want to wax, before applying the wax. This makes it less painful



l  Apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth

l  Press the strip into the wax and give it a good rub, in the direction of the hair growth.

l  Let the wax cool totally while holding it firmly in place.

l  Pull the cloth strip off quickly, in the opposite direction


  1. Repeat the wax application process till all the hair had been removed.


  1. Keep any leftover wax as instructed by the producer.


Always make sure to apply lotion on the skin after you have completed all hair removal processes. And take caution when waxing your eyebrows, there are specially designed small sculpted wax strips for that purpose. This saves you from eyebrow troubles.

I kindly suggest that you visit to see all the wonderful tools to use for hair removal from the home. One of which is the Bella Verde Waxing Kit, specially packaged, and comes with step-by-step instructions. To also add, you will be getting the best result, a flawless skin in no time, because it comes with several high-quality products that will help provide ease for you when waxing.