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Happy Memes

Happy Memes: Intro


The primary job of memes is to of course brighten up your day and make you feel awesome. This is where we should thank the “happy memes”. Happy memes are the memes which make us feel better when we are having a bad day or when we need to lighten. Well, technically all memes do that, but Happy memes is a special category of memes in which memes are generally wholesome and not of any offensive or dank manner. These memes have just one job and that is to make us a feel whole lot better and nothing else.


The Impact & Spread Of This Meme


Happy memes impact us in a major way since they change our mood. And since they change our mood, they control how do we react to different situations and how we behave with other people. They bring a cute smile on our face no matter what. They generally have pictures of cute animals or they consist of light hearted memes which are guaranteed to lift our spirits no matter what situation we face ahead. Happy are shared a lot because a lot of people actually rely on memes these days to make their day better or even to start their day. Watching Memes is the new anti – bad thing to do when you’re feeling low. Reddit and Facebook has specific pages and subreddit for posting memes for people who need to get cheered up and want some good chuckle. These pages have many followers and they keep increasing day by day.

Happy Memes

The Best Happy Meme Out There


  • Why are frogs the happiest creatures on this planet? They eat what ever bugs them.
  • A picture of a dog sleeping on Sofa : when you waste your entire day and don’t feel bad about it at all.
  • My Dad died 3 years ago, but on Google earth you can still see him gardening outside our house.
  • A picture of spongebob carrying a heart and crying : when someone remembers little details about me.
  • Humpty Dumpty had a great fall : pictures of Humpty Dumpty enjoying the fall season.
  • When you’re mom calls you a handsome boy for the 53453th time.
  • When you see a nice wholesome meme and you see that the comments are even more wholesome.
  • A triangle formed by three cats sleeping : geomeowtry.

Fact : when you are singing along to a good song in radio but realise that thousands of people are singing along with you.

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