How Non-12-Step Rehabs Differ?

How Non-12-Step Rehabs Differ?

Many people struggle with addiction and that is where rehabs come in. Both 12-step and non-12-step rehabs help people with their addiction. However, some may find one program more effective than the other. So, in this article, we will talk about these two rehabs and their benefits.

What Are 12 Step Rehabs?

These programs are peer support groups that help people struggling with addictions of any kind. 12-step rehab programs help people with addictions learn restraint from whatever substances they are struggling with. This program is a plan listed in 12 steps. These 12 steps are what the person has to follow to overcome their addiction. The steps are…

  1. Admitting that you have no power over your addiction.
  2. Believing that help can come from a higher power.
  3. Giving the higher being all the control.
  4. Reflecting on all the things you have done.
  5. Admitting your wrongdoings to yourself or the higher being.
  6. Being fully ready for the shortcomings in your character to be corrected by the higher power.
  7. Asking for those shortcomings to be taken away by the higher power.
  8. Listing all the ways you have wronged others and being ready to make up for all those wrongdoings.
  9. Get in touch with those the person has hurt by his or her actions unless the person will be harmed by doing so.
  10. Keep reflecting on all the things you have done and admitting whenever you are wrong.
  11. Seeking connection and advice from the higher power by praying and meditating.
  12. Spreading the 12-step message to others struggling with addiction.

What Are Non 12 Step Rehabs?

Non-12-step programs and 12-step programs do the same thing. They both offer rehab for general substance abuse. The difference with drug rehab non-12-step programs is however that they do not tell the person to submit to a higher power. Instead, they encourage the person and tell him or her that they can overcome the addiction on their own without the help of a higher power. They also offer recovery to those who do not have spiritual beliefs.

How These Two Rehab Programs Are Similar

The same principles are taught both in 12-step rehab programs and non-12-step programs. They talk about the principles that change behavior. These principles include courage, honesty, faith, hope, and more. But even though the taught principles are the same, the approach to teaching these principles are different.

The Differences Of 12 Step Programs

These recovery programs are an older more traditional method for treating addiction. Those who follow the 12-step method may review steps 1 to 3 of the recovery method with their patients one on one. These rehabilitation centers make it compulsory to attend their support groups. 

It is also compulsory for a sponsor to be obtained for the patient through their support community. 12-step rehabs take a stern stance and are more confrontational. They communicate by telling their patient what they must do and what the consequence will be if they do not do so. These programs are stricter and more direct with their patients to ensure recovery.

Most of these rehab facilities are more forceful and blunter towards the recovery of their patient. However, this method has the opposite effect on some people. While this method may not work for some, it may also be remarkably effective for others.

The Differences of Non 12 Step Rehabilitation Programs

Non-12-step rehabs are a lot more fluid to their patient’s recovery. They do not make it compulsory for you to be a part of a certain number of groups because of your addiction. While they do not make it compulsory for you to be a part of a certain number of groups, they strongly advise it. 

Doing so helps the patient in building a strong system out of their environment. These types of programs have come to understand that forcing the patient to do something can make negative emotions and resentment arise. This can prevent their patient’s recovery. understand why forcing someone to do something can make resentment arise.

This treatment can be a lot more accepting and open to the treatment goals the patient has set for himself or herself. The patients are not required to be a part of all their meetings or make themselves known as addicts. This type of treatment does not force you into a specific structure but guides each individual through their journey to recovery.

Benefits of Rehabilitation

Below we talk about the benefits of rehabilitation…

Safe Environment

Many addicts may be in an environment where they are constantly judged for their addiction. In rehabs, no one judges themselves. Since everyone there is going through the same problem, they will feel safe and supported. Having support from others who are going through the same issue as yourself is necessary to maintain abstinence for an extended period.

In rehab programs, many opportunities are presented to make connections with others in recovery via group therapy and support groups. You are your group travel on the same journey to recovery so that you do not feel alone.

They Offer Multiple Treatments

Since addiction is physical and mental, it is crucial for those with addictions to undergo therapy. This will help the patient understand what emotionally triggers their addiction. It also helps them to come up with healthy ways to cope with those emotional triggers.

Therapy reduces the chances of going back. If the person does go back, it could also help them get back on the right track. Since there are multiple treatments available, each individual can find the right one for him or herself. Click here to learn about therapy.

They Offer Support Around the Clock

Another wonderful thing about rehabilitation facilities like online MAT clinic is that they can help you at any time. Whenever you feel like you are going off track, they can come to your assistance, helping you get back on the right path.


Now that you have seen the different methods non-12-step rehabs and 12-step rehabs use, it is up to you to decide which you think will be more effective. So, get into rehab facility and overcome your addiction. And remember, other people are going through the same problem you are.