How To Prepare Your Senior Citizen Parents For Medical Purposes

Given the rate of globalizing industries, chances are that you stay far apart from your parents, in a different city, or even in another country. According to the American Psychological Association, approximately 92 percent of older adults have at least one chronic condition, and 77 percent have two or more.

Your parents are going into their sixties now, and it should be no shock to you that medical matters would be the foremost of emergencies. Are you worrying your heads off as to how to keep your senior citizen parents prepared for such medical contingencies?

This article looks at six things you can keep in mind while preparing for unexpected hospital visits.


It is rather a bad idea for your elderly parents to think of buying a medical insurance plan after they have already crossed into their fifties or sixties. That is because it entails a lot of expenses and other restrictions that can be avoided if you remember to take insurance by your forties.

Being medically insured is a cost-effective solution as it combines all medical claims per year above the threshold limit, assuming that elderly people usually face more than one medical emergency in a single year. So, if you already have a cover, it is best to enhance it after your parents hit sixty.

In case your parents still do not have a comprehensive medical insurance plan, you can always include them within the insurance plan provided by your own employer because the premium is at a much-subsidized rate.

Access To Phone Numbers

If something unfortunate occurs, the first thing to do would be to make the all-important calls to yourself and to the nearest relative. Before that, of course, to the ambulance service, the family physician, or any specialist your parents were seeing.

These numbers must be there on the mobile phone’s speed dial. Also, make sure that they are written down on paper because senior citizen parents tend not to remember such things as speed dial or contacts when in an emergency.

Clearly write the most important numbers on a piece of paper, and paste it in one or more prominent places of the house, for example, on the fridge, on the bedside wall, or beside the bathroom mirror.

You may leave the list with a trusted neighbor, with the driver, the security guard, or perhaps the domestic help as well. This would help your elderly parents access these numbers more conveniently when required.

Medical Reports And Insurance Documents

Elderly parents, as a rule, are not too comfortable with digital technology even now. You probably have had to spend hours trying to convince them that online payments are a real thing and have still not been successful. They do not want to use digital methods, or they forget how to.

This means that all medical reports and important insurance documents must be filed neatly and in alphabetical or chronological order for them to use. You can keep it in a safe but easily accessible place in the house while also leaving relevant copies with that trusted neighbor.

It is also a possible solution to save policy ID numbers or insurance details in their phone contacts under suitable headings. Meanwhile, make sure to keep digital copies of the same in your own phones or cloud storage, and also with the family physician if there is one. That way, your elderly parents would not have to run helter-skelter in the event of a medical emergency.

Access To Medical Van Transportation

Medical van transportation is a lifesaving and effective means of transporting patients who require medical attention, whether they be in need of emergency care or routine treatment. An emergency medical vehicle is equipped with life-support equipment and other essentials that keep the patient stable until he or she reaches the hospital.

A transportation van will be essential at times when you have to bring your parents to another state for better medical guidance and treatment. This service includes both Emergency Medical Transport and Non-Emergency Medical Transport.

Emergency Kits

It is always a good idea to prepare an emergency kit, such as a first aid box with all the common medicines and necessary equipment, and keep it in your elderly parents’ house.

They can access it if you put it in place that’s easy to remember and easy to reach. Although it would probably be better for there to be someone else in the house, such as a nurse or domestic help to use first aid, it is a good precaution nonetheless.

Apps For Elderly Care

In spite of all such preparations, the fact that you remain far away from your parents does not change. So, to stop you from worrying so much, some apps have been developed with a special use for elderly care.

PR Newswire notes that there are now more than 300,000 health-related applications available for download to a mobile device. These apps can track and improve heart health, fitness, weight, and so on.

These apps offer around-the-clock care to senior citizens, medical aid if there are emergencies, doorstep aid even in ordinary circumstances, access to medical records, etc. You can download such apps and be at least a little more relieved about your senior citizen parents’ medical preparations in another city.

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