How to Setup and Manage Kiosk Devices in Schools?

How to Setup and Manage Kiosk Devices in Schools?

Ever since COVID has hit us hard, the use of digital devices and digital learning has become common and very helpful actually. iPhones and iPads are usually the devices of interest in schools these days. Apple has also been playing a strong role in this by releasing useful applications every other day to make learning better. This was supposed to happen because now there is no life without the internet. This generation doesn’t even know the time when there was no internet. So, how can you expect them to focus on books and studies for that
long without touching their phones?

Well, to sort it out, the smartest thing that the school management has done is to indulge technology in learning. If you can’t keep the kids away from their phones, use those phones for learning, for better concentration, and creativity as well. While it is a great idea and it has worked even for the dullest students, there are risks associated with it. On one hand, you are allowing them to use their phones for studies and on the other hand, you don’t know what they are doing with their phones in their spare time. That is why the use of iPad kiosk mode has been introduced and it has helped the management in maintaining
the balance.

More and more schools are now allowing digital devices to be used inside the premises but for the learning experience. We know how this generation is, if you stop them from doing something, they are going to do it even if that means they need to hide things for you which is the worst scenario. That is why the use of smartphones has been made common and both teachers and students can avail several benefits from it.

What are The Risks Associated with Digital Devices in Schools?

With kids, you can never say that you know what they are doing. Though there are some parents out there who think that their kids can never lie, they can never hide anything, they won’t betray the rules ever, etc. It is good to think
good about your kids but this type of confidence can make your kid hide things from you. The same happens when they are at school. While parents need to take care of their kids at home, teachers have the same responsibility at school. But, if they check up on the kids, again and again, they are considered irritating.

We all know how kids can misuse their smartphones at school where they know their parents aren’t watching. From cyberbullying to sexting, kids are safe from nothing especially when they are left free at school. Also, peer pressure
makes them choose things that they are not supposed to and you will see the kid being changed drastically when they get involved with the kids who they think are cool. To be cool, they would do anything that they ask and that can include many wrong things.

Also, cyberbullying is very common in schools because that’s where bullying starts from. When they bully each other and they want to embarrass each other more, they might get involved in activities using their smartphones. They know each other’s weaknesses, secrets, and a lot more and they can use those things to embarrass each other. Such things can be very emotional for the kids and they can take severe steps to deal with them.

With smartphones in their pockets, how can kids focus on studies? When they have incoming notifications all the time, they will check their phones again and again, and they will hardly focus on the lesson being taught. Though it is a great idea to use technology to teach the kids, at the same time, there should be some limitations that come with kiosk apps.

How Can Kiosk Apps Help in Better Learning?

iPad kiosk mode can help in making education better in a lot of ways as it can keep kids glued to the screens but for a better purpose. Also, it can make sure that the kids are taking interest in their studies while using digital media.

Students Stay Focused

When iPads are being used in the classrooms, it is important to know that students aren’t losing their focus. For that, teachers can decide which educational apps, e-books, websites, and content should be available for the kids. All the other distracting content can be blocked through the use of kiosk mode. On iPad kiosk mode, only a few apps will be available and the rest will be blocked to keep students focused on learning only.

Securing Data

Students’ data should be secured when they are learning at school. It is very easy to hack into the school’s server and get your hand on the data being taught to or saved for the students. Also, it can include their personal information such as their phone numbers, addresses, their accounts, etc. If all the data is lost, it can come under the category of data theft. By using an efficient MDM solution, you can make sure that you have the necessary measures to see if someone is trying to hack into the system and steal your data.

Undistracted Digital lessons

When you are using digital devices to teach the kids, it is possible that those devices can face any sort of virus, spam, or any sort of smallest glitch that can make the whole classroom environment disturbed. With VantageMDM, you can monitor the screens of the digital devices being used and see if there is any issue during the class. The IT
experts can resolve the issue right away without the class being disturbed. This way, you will give the students a pure learning experience with no distractions at all.

Monitoring Kids

No matter how many limitations you apply to the kids’ phones, you still need to keep an eye on them and for that purpose, you can use the monitoring feature available in VantageMDM that can help you figure out what are the kids doing on their phones all time. You can watch their screens, see what have they downloaded, and much more. This
way, you can make sure that they are only involved in learning when they are in school and they aren’t distracted at all during the classes.

VantageMDM helps you to put your iPads to iPad kiosk mode to make sure that kids have the best learning experience. Also, it means that you can see the progress of the kids and compare it will the attention level they have in their classes. Also, kiosk mode can help the kids explore more about their learning material and they can also enhance their creativity using their research skills. It is about not limiting the kids to a no-phone zone, instead giving them the freedom to use digital media and avail of its benefits as much as they like.