How to Start Working as a Medicare Supplement Plan Agent

How to Start Working as a Medicare Supplement Plan Agent

Did you know people change their careers three to seven times in a lifetime? If you want to learn about becoming an insurance agent, we can help.

You will learn the different steps of becoming a Medicare agent. Sell a Supplement Plan to those in need.

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What’s Your Background?

Are you ready for a career change? Some people will already sell insurance but look to try a new area.

Consider your background experience. Do you love to work with people? Selling health insurance is an excellent fit. Most people will need to look into getting Medicare supplements as they age.

If you’re new to this, first, you’ll need to get a health insurance license.

What Licenses Do You Need?

You’ll need a health insurance license to sell Medicare plans like other insurance. There are also specific requirements for licensure, and they will vary by state.

You’ll need a resident license for your state. You will need non-resident licenses for other states where you plan to sell.

Find the information on the state’s insurance department website. When you are ready to apply, visit the national insurance producer registry.

It will provide new renewals and licenses for the agents in 50 states. It will help minimize paperwork and data entry. You can get the insurance license right away and avoid slowing down your business.

Finish the process for America’s Health Insurance Plans certifications.
The certifications protect seniors and also reward agents who do the right thing.

Next, you need training and certification to sell Medicare product options.

Why Is Training Essential?

Regulations and Medicare products will change each year. New plans will arrive on the market, and the existing methods will shift.

Broad changes can also occur. Sometimes, there will become mandated cost-sharing for prescription drug payments.

Changes occur all the time, and that’s why insurance sales agents need to finish annual training. When you complete this training in advance and maintain it each year, you’ll be able to deliver quality service.

Does Training Take Long?

Once you get your health insurance license, you will have to take annual Medicare training and certification. You can get it through AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans.)

The certification usually occurs in early July or late June for next year’s Medicare plan. If you take your exam this summer, you will become eligible to sell the 2022 product next year.

Starting soon will ensure you can begin the onboarding process a lot earlier. You’ll remain ahead of your competition if you start the process before enrollment.

You want to become a knowledgeable agent, so you can earn the trust of policyholders.

Become a Medicare Supplement Plan Agent

We hope this guide on becoming a Medicare agent was helpful. You can sell a supplement plan and help your community.

Consider what steps you need to take so you can sell health insurance in your state.

Are you looking for more health or business tips? We have lots of resources on the blog for you to check out. Consider visiting the education section as well.