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Oh Yeah Meme: Introduction


The emperor’s groove is one the most amazing animated films from the 2000’s.  There is a character named Kronk in the movie. It falls in the category of reaction meme templates. The origin of the first meme on this template is traced to be reddit. The year in which this reaction meme template first made an appearance is 2018. The movie and meme is well known by people because it was made by Walt Disney Pictures. The kronk character which is played by the actor Patrick Warburton says “Oh yeah, it’s all coming together” in a scene which is often used as a reference to the resolution of complex problems.




Part of the reason this meme became famous in reddit is because so many people have their childhood connected to this movie. People who were born in 2000 definitely saw this comedy movie and enjoyed it as a kid. When the meme surfaced in 2018, as much as people enjoyed the meme, they also got a feeling of nostalgia attached to it. In the June of 2018, a redditor posted a meme from this template which is one of the earliest known memes of this image. The meme got over 12 thousand upvotes in less than six months. This meme got posted again and again soon after this on the r/dankmemes subreddit. Surprisingly people were using this meme in so many different formats – one panel, four panel etc. Till the August of 2019, we saw a surge in the usage of this meme on reddit.

Oh Yeah Meme





  • When the German kid, Italian kid and the french kid all become good friends in class.
  • When you connect the first two pieces in a 5 thousand pieces puzzle set.
  • Oh Yeah Meme you realize you are snapped back to the existence where Thanos is finally defeated.
  • Watching Memento for the first time and seeing the climax.
  • When you watch all the marvel movies and that too in sequence.
  • When Sherlock Holmes arrives on the crime scene and sees a molecule of dust.
  • Oh Yeah Meme the winter is approaching and your normal depression will combine with your seasonal depression.
  • When you wonder why have you failed in exam but then calculate the hours you studied for it.
  • When you are sad about not having a girlfriend but then look your face in the mirror.

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