Refine Your Identity: Brand Design Basics for Digital Entrepreneurs

Around 20% of businesses fail in the first year of trading.

These days, small companies face high competition in virtually every industry. So if you’ve got a business, you can’t be complacent; getting your brand design on point is a sure-fire way to get your company the attention it deserves.

But how can you secure your brand identity and make sure it’s a hit? Well, it all starts with a plan; we’re talking logos, color schemes, typography, and more! If you want to have a memorable brand, you need to consider the whole package and execute it flawlessly.

Read on for some of our top branding design ideas.

Know Your Customer 

Your first step in developing a brand identity design is to know who your target customer is, and what they want to see.

If you think that your target customer is ‘everyone,’ you need a rethink. All the best businesses target a niche group and nurture their interests. Once you’ve identified your customers, you need to research where they’re currently shopping.

What can you do to make them switch to your brand?

A little market research can go a long way, and knowing your customer is the best way to convert window shoppers to loyal clients.

Develop Your Message 

Once you’ve identified your target customer, you need to strategize how your brand will fit in.

You should develop a positioning statement that captures who you are and what you stand for. Less is more when it comes to positioning statements; 3-5 sentences are ideal and will create the most impact.

Then, decide on your messaging strategy that’ll let your customers know who you are. Whereas your positioning statement stays the same, your messaging can be targeted depending on which platform you’re on. For example, on your website you’ll be formal; on Instagram, you can be fun.

Ask the Experts

Finally, you need to make sure your marketing materials capture the essence of your brand.

There is more science behind brand logo design than you may think; different colors, fonts, and page spacing will appeal to different groups of people.

So, if you aren’t a design expert, it may be most beneficial to call in an expert such as David Taylor Design to make sure your materials send the right message.

Logo and brand design services are a worthwhile investment in defining your brand’s identity and gaining company credibility.

Get Customers With the Best Brand Design 

That’s the 101 on brand design and how to develop a show-stopping company identity. Putting time and effort into your branding identity can help shape your business, put you on the map, and keep you there!

So, what are you waiting for? Time to get brainstorming and take your excellent ideas to an expert for them to develop.

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