Sexual assault attorney – The role they play

Sexual assault attorney – The role they play

Sexual assault is a broad term and is much more than rape. The victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, abuse, molestation, and mistreatment are left with devastating effects like mental trauma, pain, and suffering. They can take a lot of time to recover from the traumatic experience that they have been through. For some victims, the emotional after-effects can last for years or a lifetime. In most sexual assault cases the victims are afraid to speak up about what happened and who is to blame for it. Most victims do not speak about it thinking that what happened to them will not be considered an assault in the eyes of the law and that the authorities will not believe them. Some victims also do not talk about such cases due to the fear of public scrutiny. Sexual assault is a serious crime and if you are facing any such issues you must hire reputed Atlanta sexual assault lawyers to help you with a favorable outcome. 


Sexual assault attorney – The role they play:-


  • Educate victims about their rights and legal options: Sexual assault attorneys carry immense experience in this field of law concerning sexual abuse including the statutes and limitations. They spend time educating their clients about their rights and the legal options that are available to them to hold their abuser accountable. They also educate their victims about the legal options available to them when it comes to claiming compensation for the mental trauma and physical suffering that they have gone through. 


  • Collecting evidence: Collecting the right and proper evidence is key to gaining a favorable outcome from the assault case. The sexual assault lawyer has considerable experience when it comes to working with law enforcement, medical professionals, and other parties involved to build a strong case. The attorney collects evidence crucial for a sexual assault case like – medical reports, police reports, testimonies, photographs, clothes, and other items from the crime scene, etc. 


  • Recover damages: The attorney helps you recover all kinds of damages suffered due to the assault. They help you claim all recoverable damages like civil claims for non-economic damages like claiming compensation for pain and suffering, physical injury, emotional distress, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. 


Sexual assault is a nonconsensual act and is about gaining control over the victim. Therefore, you must ensure that your abuser is not set free without getting the right punishment and penalties. If you are facing sexual assault and are hesitant to talk about it, you must hire a good sexual assault attorney who will help you file a lawsuit and hold the abuser and the people who enabled the misconduct accountable.