Style Guide: Matching vs. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

The expectation that your bridesmaids are required to wear a matching dress is gone for good. This isn’t your mama’s wedding! But as times change and the rules are less strict, it can get confusing.

Do you want your girls to wear a matching dress on your special day? Or would you prefer to work with different dress styles? If you’re not sure what to choose, be sure to keep reading our style guide.

Here you’ll find everything you want to know about bridesmaid dress options.

Matching Dress

A matching dress may be the best dress option for you if you have a clear vision for your day. If you want symmetry and cohesion in your photos, matching dresses may be the right fit.

Be sure to discuss with your girls, because they may each look very different in the same dress. That’s because depending on their height and curves, the dress will fall differently.

You can always show a few options with different cuts, necklines, and fabrics. Then ask them their favorites before choosing.

Matching Dress Different Colors 

Another option you may want to consider is choosing one style or cut of the dress. But you can also ask each bridesmaid to choose her own color. This is a great way to create cohesion, but make sure each bridesmaid feels best in her dress.

You can offer a color palette. Your bridesmaids can choose their favorite shade.

For example, if you choose a sunset palette, your bridesmaids can choose the same dress. But one may have it in a rust-red, another in burnt orange, and so on.

Mismatched Dress Same Color

If you want to be careful of how the dress will fit on each bridesmaid, perhaps different cuts are a better option. In this case, you can opt for mismatched dresses but ask that everyone stick to one color.

Be careful that you discuss with each bridesmaid before she decides to buy a dress. After all, there can be a massive range of shades and tones even if you ask everyone to buy one color. Saying light pink may yield you salmon, rose, and every other variant.

It may be good to ask for previews first. Or only buy from one brand, so you’re sure the colors aren’t too different.

Different Dress Styles Same Fabric

Another fun option for different body types is mismatched dresses. But in this case, your bridesmaids will have different dress styles all cut from the same fabric.

This leaves room for each person’s favorite cut but is cohesive. Check out these gorgeous bridesmaid dresses for inspiration when going for this concept.

Use a Style Guide and Your Intuition

Your special day is your moment to shine. Your bridesmaids are there to support you and celebrate your love. Your goal is to make sure they feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day.

With this style guide, you have inspiration and ideas on how to start. But at the end of the day, you’ll know what’s suitable for your wedding.

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