Gundamma Katha

Gundamma Katha is a Telugu television drama series starring Pooja and Kalki.

The story revolves around Geetha, an overweight girl who is taunted for being overweight and Ram, who dreams of marrying the most beautiful woman.

Maate Mantramu

Maate Mantramu is a Telugu drama television series starring Ali Reza and Pallavi Ramisetty. The story revolves around Vasudhara, a simple girl who takes up a job as Vamsi Krishna's, an arrogant rich man, secretary.

Rama Sakkani Seetha

Rama Sakkani Seetha is a 2019 Telugu drama television series starring Jyothi, Nandakishore, Navya and Suresh. The story revolves around 4 brothers, who come with a curse that their family will get destroyed if any one of them gets..

Akka Chellellu

Akka Chellellu is a new drama television series on ZEE Telugu starring Chaitra Rai, Madhu, Aakarsh and others. The story revolves around the twin sisters Sravani and Dharani, each with distinct characters and opposite nature

Ganga Manga

Varma informs Jagadeeshwari and Rajeshwari that he lied to Chamundeshwari. Just then, Chamundeshwari walks in and insults Rajeshwari and Manga. She also threatens to get Varma married for the second time

Kalyana Vaibhogam

Kalyana Vaibhogam is a Telugu drama television series. The Suryadevara Family is cursed and the first wife of all their first sons are bound to face the jaws of death.

Muddha Mandaram

The family priest pays a visit to the Ghattamaneni house and preaches his prediction that the Deva and Parvathi’s child will bring good fortune for the family.