This Is What to Do About a Damaged or Lost Diploma

Losing or damaging your diplomas is an all too common experience.

Whether it gets torn up in transit, lost in a house move, or just wasn’t in a safe enough place, it’s a terrible feeling knowing something has happened to your certificate. A lost diploma can make proving your qualifications difficult, and a damaged diploma can be upsetting for anyone who wants their achievements proudly on display.

Though it might seem that all hope is lost, that’s not the case. There are things that you can do if something bad happens to your diploma. 

Replacing a Lost Diploma

Plenty of people manage to get diplomas replaced. If you’re currently looking to get a diploma replacement, here are some important steps to follow. 

Contact Your School’s Office

Getting in touch with the staff in charge of admin at your alma mater is the first step in the diploma replacement process. Even if they can’t sort a replacement for you themselves, they can put you in contact with the people who can.

Once you’re speaking to the person who can sort out a new diploma for you, explain what’s happened. In the majority of circumstances, they have no reason to refuse you a replacement diploma.

Remember: only you can request a replacement on your own behalf.

Part of the role of the office is to keep a record of all diplomas issued and replaced to guard against fraud and theft. They cannot issue a new diploma to someone else for you – they will need proof of who you are before consenting to issue a replacement diploma.

Be Prepared for Fees

Unfortunately, it is often the case that replacing a diploma comes at a cost. This is to cover printing and admin fees, as well as shipping.

This will depend on your school and the degree you are replacing.

If your diploma comes in a special casing, this will likely increase any fees. However, if you are just replacing a straightforward diploma, the fee charged is at the discretion of the school.

Consider a Fake Diploma!

It might seem like a tempting short-term solution, and buying a fake diploma can save you money if you’re looking for a symbolic replacement to go on your wall in a frame. If you need a copy of your diploma for a situation that is coming up soon, a fake diploma might also save valuable time.

There are plenty of scenarios in which there is no risk to using a fake diploma in place of your lost or damaged one. If this is the option for you, then get your diploma replaced with a fake!

It’s Not the End of the World!

If you have the knowledge of a lost diploma bringing you down, there’s no need to worry. As you now know, there are plenty of ways to rectify the situation.

For more tips and tricks that will help you resolve tricky situations, check out our latest blog posts. There’s plenty more information over there that can be of great use!

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