Top 5 Bonus Options for Existing Casino Customers

Casino operators offer a wide range of bonuses to existing customers. Although new users get to have access to more bonuses, a bulk of the mouth-watering offers are reserved for loyal customers. In this article, we introduce you to some of the best bonus options and incentive programs offered to the existing customers of online casinos.

Free Bonus Codes

It is the first bonus that has to be mentioned in this article, as lots of experienced gamblers always look for a chance to use it. As long as you are an existing player, the welcome bonus is not offered for you anymore, but the bonus codes will let you enjoy other bonus options and get your winnings. Using free no deposit bonus codes, you can get bonus cash, free spins, and any other promotions. These bonus codes are a string of letters and numbers that help you get the current offers from the casinos. You only need to enter the codes in the provided columns to activate the offers. To find these codes, you can just move around different casino reviews and choose the best option for yourself. The best thing about these bonuses is that there is no need to make any deposits. The codes you found are your treasures, and you can use them instantly with no extra conditions. However, don’t forget that most casino bonuses and codes are not an exception and are followed by additional withdrawal requirements. 

Free Spins Bonus for Existing Casino Customers

Free spins are “bonus points” for you to play and wager/bet on slot machines. It is up to the operator’s discretion to specify the type of slot machines you can bet on with the free spins. Here is what you need to know about using the free spins bonus offered by casino operators:

  • Exclusivity. The spins are typically exclusive to existing players, even though some casinos have started accommodating new players. That notwithstanding, you can leverage the free spins to bet on selected slot machines, as pointed out by the casino operator.
  • Limited Spins. Free spins may be a solid marketing strategy, but they are limited. The operator typically offers a limited or few free spins. The number or amount you get can be anywhere between 10 and 50. It also comes with a stringent wagering requirement, which some players may be unable to meet. 
  • Limited Cashout Amount. The amount paid out by free spins is also low. That is why you must work hard to meet the wagering requirements and reach the maximum cashout before the offer expires.
  • Free Spins are Usually Free. Most free spins are free. Yet, there are also some offered only when you complete a milestone, such as spending a particular lump sum of money or winning at a particular game.

Loyalty Programs

These are the programs or offers from casino operators to the players and bettors that have been with them for a long time. The criteria for accessing the eligibility of these customers cut across:

  • Duration: How long have these customers been using the casino?
  • Interactions/Expenses: The operator also checks the number of games the customers have played and wagered. Consideration is also made for the amount of money these customers have spent over time.

By combining these factors, the operator is sure of finding the most committed customers who are worth the reward. Here are some of the things you need to know about loyalty programs from casino operators:

  • Challenge-Based Loyalty Programs. Rather than offer the rewards directly, the casino operator prefers the customers to work for it. The operator sets challenges or missions and requires the customers to complete the same before winning the rewards. The rewards for these challenges and missions range from free spins at selected slot machines and bonus money/bankroll.
  • Loyalty Points. This is the most common form of loyalty program from the operator. Customers who qualify for it can convert the points into either wagering credits or money/bankroll. They are also at liberty to use the loyalty points as spins.
  • Level-Based Loyalty Points. This type of loyalty point requires the shortlisted customers to complete a particular level in a casino game to qualify for the bonus. Navigating and completing each level opens you up to a new level and more loyalty reward opportunities.

Reload Bonuses for Existing Online Casino Customers

This type of casino bonus is similar to welcome bonuses. Here, you are offered the opportunity to get an additional sum of money when you make a deposit. The difference between the reload bonus, and the welcome bonus is that the former is exclusive to existing customers, while the latter is for new customers. Qualifying for a reload bonus comes with some Terms and Conditions (T&Cs), including:

  • Making a minimum deposit, which could be anywhere between $20 and $100.
  • Meeting the wagering/playthrough requirements.

The downside to getting a reload bonus is that the payout (reloads) is low. However, if you are looking for limited risk and a favorable bonus for existing casino customers, it is one of the best.

High Roller Bonuses for High Net-Worth Customers

Casino operators grade the categories of their customers based on several factors. The amount spent by these customers is one of those factors. The High Roller casino bonus is specifically targeted at these types of customers. Only the players or customers who have spent the highest amount of money at the casino tend to qualify for it. Some of the exclusive offers that come with the High Roller bonuses are:

  • Cash Prizes. The casino can reward you with a specific amount of money (running into thousands of dollars) for being a high-end client.
  • Access to a Better Reward System. You will also get access to increased rewards, as it is exclusive to the high spenders. This also includes access to exclusive bonus rewards to top up your bankroll.

Additional Casino Bonus Options to Check

The five (5) bonus options we discussed above are among the most popular – but they are not the only options out there. Here is a list of some of the additional casino bonus options you may qualify for today.

Monthly Promotions

Casinos also run and offer monthly promotions. They use different parameters to qualify the customers who have done exceedingly well in that month. The perks of getting the monthly rewards include:

  • Access to VIP point rewards.
  • Get both prizes/gifts and cash for being a regular player/customer that month.

Multiplier Rewards

This type of casino bonus offers the customers double or thrice the initial amount they used to wager on games. The reward multipliers are typically applied to slot machines. You can get up to 100% of your betting amount. However, the bonus is limited and is not available on most of the slots offered by the operator.


The casino operator may also give away some free spins or money to existing customers. The conditions to qualify are usually strict, and the offer is always limited.

Referral Bonuses

You have been playing at the casino for some time, and you are satisfied with the services. Consider spreading the word and letting others know about the impressive features the platform offers. Typically, the operator offers you a percentage of money from the first set of deposits made by the players you referred to the casino. To get started, navigate to the referral page, copy your referral link and start sharing it with your friends who would like to sign up.


You don’t win all the time, especially when wagering on slot machines. Losing more money than you make can be discouraging, but you don’t have to beat yourself up. Some casino operators offer what is known as rebates or cashback. It is an incentive mechanism designed to reward existing customers who have lost a considerable amount of money over time. Although the operator doesn’t return 100% of what you lost to betting, it sure offers something big enough to keep you playing. This isn’t expressly done, though. Certain factors like how much you lost to bets, how long you have been wagering, and the type of games you bet on is considered for the cashback qualification.

VIP Clubs

Play like the big boys and join the big boys club. Casino platforms have a dedicated VIP club for the high-spenders, customers who play almost every time, and those who access the casino’s additional services. Getting access to the VIP club allows you to enjoy anything from personalized support, and special (exclusive) bonuses.

Game-Specific Bonuses

Games offered by the casino can also help you make some money. Typically, these games have additional bonuses that can be claimed when you make an accurate bet. Most of the game-specific bonuses are exclusive to newly-added games on the casino. It is both a marketing strategy for the casino to promote these new games and to reward the existing customers who decide to give it a try.

How to Choose the Best Bonus Option for Existing Customers

Looking to get the most out of these bonus options from your favorite casino? Here are some of the factors to consider:

  • What Type of Bonus is it? What type of bonus does the casino offer? The options range from free spins, specific promotions and cashback.
  • What is the Bonus Wagering Requirement? Wagering or playthrough requirement is the minimum expectation required of customers before they can claim the bonus. It includes the following specifications tabulated below:
Type of Wagering Requirement What it Means
Time Restriction This is the number of hours, days, or weeks you have to complete the expectations for claiming the bonus.
Bet Amount This is the amount of money you are required to bet with before you are able to convert the bonus amount to real money.
Playthrough This is the number of times you must bet on a specific game to get the bonus amount. It can be anywhere between 20 times and 50 times the bonus amount.
Game Type This has to do with the specific game or slot machine you can bet on to win the bonus amount.


The key to getting the most out of casino bonus options is to be familiar with the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs), meet the wagering requirements, and be strategic with your bets. Casino operators use these bonuses as a marketing strategy to attract, retain and keep enticing existing players. You may just be lucky to get one of those bonuses someday.

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