Top Christmas Decorating Ideas for 2021.

Top Christmas Decorating Ideas for 2021.

With Christmas just around the corner, people are fully into the festive spirit. From spending time with family members, to planning parties and buying gifts- there’s one event that most people look forward to: decorating their homes! Thanks to the over-the-top décor trends that has been glamourised by America’s larger than life approach to holidays, the UK has now begun to indulge in making their home look picture perfect for the holidays. The Christmas period is a time in which your creativity can shine, and there are plenty of ways you can decorate your house that allow you to explore your own creativity and add festive cheer to each room and corner of your house- while also keeping in touch with your style tastes. However, some people may argue that some Christmas decoration ideas have become outdated- as homeowners tend to reuse the same ones over again. If you’re looking for the top Christmas decorating ideas for 2021, then We Buy Any House have you covered!

Make it Personal:

If you haven’t thought about adding arts and crafts to your Christmas decorations- then now is the time! Whether you choose to make your own wreath for your front door, or add handmade ornaments to your fireplace, there are lots of things you can do in order to spruce up your home for Christmas while also adding a little bit of personalisation to it.

Adding a Planter:

When you’ve finally finished decorating your gorgeously extravagant Christmas tree, it’s always a slight sting to see the bottom of your tree looking rather, well, unsightly. The stumpy bottom of a Christmas tree, which is typically submerged into an old tub of water immediately takes the magic out of the festive season. This year, instead of using a tree skirt- why not try a fishbowl or planter? Not only will it be a better way to make your house seem more decorative, but it will make your tree stand taller.

Begin a Family Tradition:

Family traditions are sacred, and what may start as a silly joke eventually becomes an invested part of your family culture- and will begin to have sentiment and emotional value. Although we partake in the traditions set by others from years ago, why not have one of your own? The beauty of this is that it doesn’t have to be fancy or long winded- it can be something as simple as adding blue ribbons around the house.

Get Ready for Your Guests:

Around the holiday season, it’s more than likely you will have friends or family staying over with you to celebrate the holiday season. It’s a good idea to prepare the areas in which your guests will be staying in, and make the room feel extra special and festive for your guests. Think about coordinating warm winter tones, such as chocolate browns and reds- brown-themed decors and red Rectangular Tablecloths -and perhaps adding a Christmas-scented candle such as cinnamon to your room.

Swap Out Your Planters:

While you’re probably hoping that your summer and autumn plants cling on for dear life- there is an alternative that would go along with your festive decorations much more. Find some planters, and incorporate seasonal plants in them, such as princess pine, berries and moss. This will instantly give your home a more festive feel, and by placing them in your hallway, it will give your guests a warm, winter welcome into your home.


Not for one second should you think that the only way to decorate is by investing in 2D decorations that hang lifelessly around your home. Layering decorations is totally in fashion for 2021 Christmas decorations, and it’s a simple yet effective way to bring your home to life. Using different objects that are of different sizes, hang them meticulously around your house to make your home feel like an enchanted winter wonderland. You can use homemade snowflakes, tall candlesticks and hanging garlands.


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