What are the best User Pilot competitors?

What are the best User Pilot competitors?

Userpilot is a DAP that specializes in empowering product teams to create contextual in-app content – without requiring technical coding. This entails developing a process for releasing automated widgets and building an organization around the use of these widgets across your app.

Userpilot provides a non-technical way for product teams to create contextual in-app content. Userpilot delivers features and widgets that push relevant messages to the consumer or user at the right time.

There are two benefits of this for a consumer application:

In-app messaging encourages active participation and higher engagement levels, leading to greater retention and word of mouth amongst user friends. This is an essential element of building an app users will love. By releasing a range of different types of messaging, such as birthday reminders, product recommendations, and more, you’re distributing valuable content throughout your app (without relying on technical coding).

Distinguishing features

Userpilot is a DAP (a “data anlytics platform”) that specializes in creating intelligent in-app content. This leads to great experiences on both the consumer side and the business side. As its name suggests, Userpilot relies on two parts: users and pilots.

This is where a company sends out members of their product team as “pilots” to represent the users’ interests. On the Userpilot platform, product teams can create widgets of various types, set their relevant parameters, and distribute them to specific users at an appropriate time. With these widgets in place, you can easily automate parts of your app or website – without the need for technical coding expertise.

Why to look for Userpilot competitors?

The cost. At this point, Userpilot is only available to a select group of customers, and they’ve got some big demands with regards to the price.

User Level – The more users you have on your account, the higher these costs will be. In addition to this, there is a maintenance fee based on the total number of users (appriciated by quarterly basis).

Not suitable for all

Userpilot becomes an essential tool for any product team that wants to create contextual in-app content. However, it’s not suitable for all types of businesses and is not meant to be the primary tool of a particular organization. SaaS companies offer complete solutions that need to achieve specific results – in the form of complete mobile apps. This includes the creation of features like chat, shopping carts, VIP memberships, and more – without relying on technical coding expertise.

List of user pilot competitors

Here is a list of user pilot competitors

  1. Whatfix

Whatfix has the quickest, simplest way to increase digital adoption and get your users logging in. It’s a digital experience platform with a UX-driven approach. With Whatfix, you can grow adoption by ensuring that first use is delightful and intuitive. You can also measure behaviors, identify bottlenecks leading to drop offs and create personalized experiences for your customers or users to turn them into loyal advocates of your product or service.

  1. Pendo

Pendo offers customer insights about all of your company’s actions, providing data on everything from feature usage to customer satisfaction rates. The platform makes it easier to analyze activity across all channels, sports, end users and geography so you can get actionable and meaningful insights.

  1. Appcues

Appcues is an analytics bot that empowers you with actionable insights that boost business productivity.

It takes the complexity out of data collection by automatically collecting metrics from all of your apps, platforms and marketing content, capturing data in real time on any screen or device. Use it to identify opportunities for improvement and track progress.

  1. HelpHero

HelpHero is a reliable and free support platform for your company to optimise their customer service. It’s a simple-to-use tool that doubles the effectiveness of the customer service team by connecting them with the right people at the right time.

It allows users to handle customer inquiries by giving them guides and insights on how to solve problems on their own.

With HelpHero, you can also host webinars, provide videos that can be accessed anytime online, make it easy for customers or users to contact you, deliver personalised help by guiding them in a certain direction where they need assistance and upgrade chatbot from standard messaging bot using AI-powered suggestions.


Digital adoption is not something that you can force on your business or customers. You have to ensure that it’s going to make them happy and more productive. Engaging with your users is the key thing to focus on but it’s a difficult task when you need to be working on your other products, building new features and doing other critical things. The tools mentioned above can help you manage and automate user or customer engagement. For instance, whatfix can do the work of a product manager while keeping the customer in mind throughout the entire process.


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