What Do You Know About ExpertOption Review?

What Do You Know About ExpertOption Review?

That expert option was considered a scam broker because it was registered with no proper regulation. Moreover, there were many negative reviews about this platform. This company was not registered before, and due to this, it did not receive any official claim.

Expert Option is a platform that provides the opportunity for online trading, and it also offers binary options details to the clients. This platform was created in 2014, and it has almost 55 million accounts. Now it provides the websites in about 15 different languages, and due to this, it has become an international platform. It gives foreign trading assets like cryptocurrency, forex, and commodities.

Expertoption Review

It is an online platform, and also it provides different advantages to its traders, which makes this platform outstanding among other competitors. Its benefits include a unique venue, minimal deposit, no transaction fee, high-quality educational material, and customer services.

On the other hand, it has some drawbacks: it does not consider the customers from countries like Canada, the US, and the EU. It is an excellent platform for online trading.


The expert option is regulated with license number 15014, and the financial market regulation center also approves the platform expert option. This is offering volunteer monitoring through a non-governmental organization.

Trading platforms

Expert Option is a platform that provides many educational tools that help all traders make good trading decisions. It allows the traders have fast trading with several services given to all traders.

To save time, most brokers support other platforms like mt4 and mt5. But the expert option has created its platform. This platform offers all the required services to clients useful for trading.

All the users can have these features, which are more attractive for the new customers, and it does not matter whether the user is using a desktop or mobile. It is straightforward for trading purposes, but all the customers want to explore more to get more benefits from this platform.

This platform mainly supports social media trading because it takes the customers in high rank and provides them more profit.

Account type

It is straightforward to make an account on the expert option platform. You can easily register google accounts as well as social media accounts. You have to create a password when you provide an e-mail address.

All the accounts have different fees, and it depends on the type of account you want to create to deposit your money. But the history of the expert option requires 50 dollars, and there is forex no deposit bonus.

Demo account

To test their abilities, all the users use a demo account and get information for performance. This account has a balance of 10000 dollars, and you don’t need to register while using this account. The expert option is handy for clients because it helps all the traders have good trading experience.

This account has many new features which are available on this account. This helps the clients in such a way that they are capable of competing with other platforms.

Deposit methods

Different deposit methods are given by the expert option, and these are

  • Web money
  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal
  • Maestro
  • UnionPay

 Available cryptocurrencies

Here is the list of available cryptocurrencies which are given by the expert option

Bitcoins, bitcoin cash, ripple, Monaro, and cash

Customer support

Customer service is the priority for the expert option platform, and all the representatives feel happy to support the expert option platform. You can avail all the customer services on the phone easily to have a good experience. Moreover, all the traders can benefit from online chat, and this service is available 24/7.

There are several clients available on this platform, and every client gets benefits from this platform. It provides fast services; if you find any problem, you have to send an e-mail. You have to give your data, and after receiving your e-mail, you will be provided by a professional agent. The agent will help you to solve your problem. This platform has almost all the languages, but Urdu and English are most commonly used.

Pros and cons of expert option


  • It provides high-quality material
  • It offers a free demo account
  • Provides customer services 24/7


  • No platform for mt4