What Gun Coating Should You Use: Cerakote Vs. Duracoat?

What Gun Coating Should You Use Cerakote Vs. Duracoat

The gun industry is changing and people need highly customized guns that are long-lasting and colorful. You can have your firearm and get it with a new finish to customize it. Let us discuss the top brands of guns and know which one is good for you.

Cerakote vs. DuraCoat

Duracoat and Cerakote are the most popular and used firearm types available in the market. These types of coatings are used for firearms and outdoor tools such as knives, axes, and equipment required for fishing purposes. These coatings will customize your gun and protect it from any kind of damage. In this article, we will discuss the difference between duracoat ideas and cerakote ideas.

Difference between Duracoat and Cerakote

Ø  Duracoat finishes are easy to apply as compared to the Cerakote finish. Cerakote needs a paint gun and air compressor for coating purposes.

Ø  Duracoat finish becomes dry in less than an hour and you can handle it in a day. Cerakote requires four to six weeks to get completely dry and two hours after drying it should be cooled to room temperature.

Ø  Cerakote ideas are hard to apply and the finish main gate into some parts of the gun and begin may get affected easily. Duracoat finish will explore the creativity of your gun and make it better than before.

Ø  Duracoat is cheap in rate and acts as a practical shooter where the cerakote ideas finish is quite expensive.

Ø  Duracoat finish will provide you with more than 250 standard colors whereas Cerakote provides only 100 colors.

Ø  You can blend the duracoat finish colors and create any specific color by crossing it through the spectrum. Cerakote colors appear to be natural and incline more towards the metals.

Cerakote finish

Cerakote ideas are ceramic which is designed in such a way that your gun will be protected from any other element. The Cerakote finish has a ceramic base that is flexible and non-breakable. You can apply this finish to any metal or wood.

Cerakote finish features

  • Ceramic finish
  • Manufactured by NIC industries
  • It has two types: premixed air-cured series and open cured series
  • Cerakote is open curved at 250 degrees for 3 hours
  • Cerakote has a hundred colors
  • Cerakote does not attract dirt and dust thus it keeps the gun clean.

Duracoat finish

Duracoat finish is completely chemical-based.

It has two parts: fast is the color and the second is clear coat. Duracoat supplies permanently and you will get many different colors as it is very easy to apply the finish without any special requirement.

Duracoat can survive in temperatures up to 600 degrees.

Features of duracoat finish

  • Duracoat is cheaper
  • Duracoat has more coatings for oil tubes and extrusions.
  • It has a chemical-based finish
  • Duracoat can stay flexible up to 600 degrees
  • More colors available
  • You get the kit with pattern and paint
  • Air cured


Both the brands’ finish needs to be cleaned properly and both of them have properties that prevent corrosion and help the gun to work properly for a longer duration.

Make sure that the surface of the gun should be completely clean as it needs to mix and spray multiple colors in the finishing process.


In the market, Cerakote is the best brand if you are looking for more durability.

Duracoat also has more durability and offers more options for customizing your firearm.

If you need a quality finish at a cheap rate then you can go with the duracoat finish. Cerakote is strong and durable but also it is difficult to apply color. Cerakote is used by professionals as they have the practice to apply the Cerakote finish. Duracoat is having an easy e process to get high-quality paint even at home.


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