What Is A Garage Conversion ADU?

What Is A Garage Conversion ADU?

Additional dwelling units have boomed in popularity recently, especially in states like California that are facing serious homelessness issues. These new units have a bunch of benefits to building them and have many different types that can be built. To understand these new units better, let’s first address what a garage conversion ADU is.

Garage Conversion ADU

A garage conversion ADU is created by transforming your existing garage structure into an ADU unit. You can also achieve a garage conversion by adding an upstairs to your existing garage or turning the pre-existing upstairs of the garage into an ADU.

An ADU is an additional dwelling unit typically no larger than 1,200 square feet that exists on the same plot of land as a single-family home.

Different Types Of ADUs

There are four main types of ADUs.

  • Detached
  • Attached
  • Internal
  • Garage conversion

Garage conversion ADUs are typically the most affordable option since the primary structure already exists. Also, most garages already have electricity and running water already hooked up, saving you time and money since you don’t have to install those aspects.

There are also JADUs though, which are ADUs that are attached to the primary home and are no bigger than 500 square feet. If your attached garage is no bigger than 500 square feet, it can be converted into a junior ADU.

Should You Do A Garage Conversion?

If you do not use your garage very often, a garage conversion can be quite beneficial. It can increase the value of your property, offer you rental income opportunities, be a place for visitors to stay, and help combat the housing crisis in your area by offering affordable housing.

You can even use a garage conversion for house hacking purposes.

The important thing to consider before converting your garage is where you will put everything that is in your garage now. You will need to find somewhere else to park your cars and store your lawn mower and tools. If you are capable of storing things elsewhere, this might be a great opportunity for you and your family!