Why Brands Come Up With Exciting Deals Around Festivals.

Why Brands Come Up With Exciting Deals Around Festivals.

Nowadays, several cannabis companies and brands often come up with exciting festive offers. Coming upon a wide range of schemes and huge discounts during the holidays is nothing surprising anymore. As the festive season nears, it is time for cannabis vendors and online retailers to bring in extra stock and launch into working overtime. The holiday season is when brands’ marketing teams need to work harder than ever. Their role is to come up with eye-catching deals that are very hard to resist. It does not matter which part of the world you are in. There are always festive offers worth waiting around for. But what do you think could be the reason that a cannabis brand sells products at considerably lesser prices?

The Idea Behind Offering Exciting Festive Deals on Cannabis Products

The holiday season is perhaps the best opportunity to get customers to walk in through your doors. The festival season is a golden chance for cannabis businesses to strengthen their bonds with existing clients and form connections with prospective customers. It is also an ideal time for launching the latest products and services. Let us look at some of the reasons behind the provision of festive offers. This will help us better understand how brands can profit from discounts and coupons.

To Get Better Attention From Prospective Cannabis Buyers

According to several marketing surveys, companies have a solid reason behind offering coupons and discounted prices. If a customer has an offer from a particular cannabis brand, they tend to look for products from that brand in a section, forgoing other similar items from competitive brands. Customers often share that there were times when they made purchases that were not required only because they found an attractive offer.

To Introduce and Advertise New Product Launches

It is a rather tricky job to get customers to spend money on new cannabis products. This is especially applicable in the cases of people who are sensitive towards prices and spending money on unfamiliar products. Companies have to find ways to tempt customers into taking chances with the latest and untested cannabis products in such situations. Rather than handing out valuable samples for free, a brand can generate income by selling new products as a part of exciting combination deals.

To Generate Brand Loyalty Among Cannabis Enthusiasts

A lot of hard work establishes a brand reputation and gains customers’ trust. A cannabis company has to attract new customers while retaining the existing ones. Giving coupons and offers and introducing exciting new deals create a positive brand image.


This is especially true in the cases of businesses that might fall under this unconventional business industry. For example, cannabis and vape dispensaries. People do not readily buy or try new cannabis products. And with the amount of competition out there, it is always possible that customers might turn to new vendors. To avoid that, companies need to gain the loyalty of their customers, and they do that by making them feel special. Who doesn’t feel happy about being given access to a select few only or one-time-only deals?

Limited Time Offers Can Cause a Notion of Urgency

Deals that come with a time limit can often urge people to buy products faster. People realize that a deal like that may not come again soon. They feel like it is an opportunity for them to save money. Buying discounted products also enables them to avoid later regretting not purchasing at lower prices. Holidays are a great time to come up with daily incentives and promotions. Some customers will even look forward to the special deal for tomorrow, the day after, and so on.

To Keep the Business Relationship Going

A particular brand succeeds in attracting several new customers based on a certain scheme. Now, how will the brand and sure that the said customers visit the brand to shop with them again? It is pretty simple. Some of these are specially designed to lure customers back to shop within a limited period. The best tactic among these offers is to give a coupon that can be used for an exciting discount on the next purchase. For example, several brands worldwide will give customers a coupon of, say, $15 off on the next purchase at a minimum spend of, say, $100. Not only will this guarantee a returning customer coma, but it will also guarantee a sale of a minimum of $100 in the near future.

What Makes Festive Promotional Deals Important for Customers Looking to Buy Cannabis?

Some marketing studies show that a good percentage of potential cannabis buyers will often abandon a shopping card due to the scarcity of good offers. Offers seem to be more fitting as being rewarding for businesses, but there is no doubt that there are some benefits for the customers as well.


With lower prices, added benefits, and loyalty points, festive sales are the best time to stock up on your personal batch of cannabis and gift items. The holiday season has its own customs and traditions. Festivals call for gatherings with friends and family. It is also a popular notion to give and receive presents.


Considering the number of gifts that one needs to buy, would deals and offers not come in handy? It is also a great opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care about them. The cannabis industry is among several businesses that offer exciting deals around the holidays season. It is also a great choice for gifting options and shows others how much you care for their wellbeing.


To say that coupons and deals benefit either only the business or the customers is not correct. Instead, it is akin to a win-win situation. Handing out coupons and special discounts can help customer loyalty and a company’s brand image. On the other hand, it is an ideal opportunity for buyers to save some easy money.

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