Why Your Employees Should Have Media Training

Your local news station has requested an interview with your company. This is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness and let people know about your products.

But it’s easy to become intimidated and flustered with a camera pointed at you. How do you prepare so that you’re able to articulate the message your company wants to send?

Prepare your business for these opportunities through media training. Like any other team training, having a plan empowers employees to speak appropriately with members of the media. This guide will help you understand how your business will benefit from this training.

What Is Media Training?

Media training teaches techniques and methods for speaking to reporters. When you speak to the media, you are representing your company. Thus, it is important that you keep control of the conversation.

Training employees to speak to the media gives you the opportunity to take advantage of media coverage. You can bet your competitors will speak to the media, so you want to make sure your voice gets heard too.

Additionally, you’ll want to know how to respond to the media if there is some sort of crisis involving your business. Nothing sparks speculation and rumors like silence from a company, so it’s important to know what you’ll say to the media when this happens.

Pick a company to handle media training for your employees. Choosing a program that specializes in this training gives you an advantage. It allows employees to get the most up-to-date information on talking with the media.

Social Media

The news landscape changes rapidly, and social media has become an important channel of communication. You already understand the importance of social media for your company. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your employees serve as social media ambassadors.

Social media training is crucial to be successful online. The anonymous nature of the internet means that people leave vicious comments and attempt to twist words. Employee training gives you the techniques and tools to handle these commentators with grace and professionalism.

In order to have success with employee participation on social media, you’ll need to have a vision for your purpose for involving them. Are you hoping to increase brand awareness or communicate your business values to the community? Have a clear purpose for involving your employees in public relations.

Clearly define the roles of your employees who participate. Are they allowed to post from their personal accounts, or will you need to give them access to the company accounts? What platforms will your business have accounts on?

Once you’ve determined these things, it’s time to train people so that they participate based on company guidelines. You’ll find the best success in allowing employees to involve themselves by choice. 

Get Media Training Today

To best take advantage of media coverage opportunities, you’ll want your employees to know how to handle interviews and social media. Enroll your employees in media training today.

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