Your Quick Guide to Flower Colors and Their Meanings

Your Quick Guide to Flower Colors and Their Meanings

Flowers are flourishing forward. More than 830 million flowers were sold throughout the world in 2017.

Many different kinds of flowers are popular. Some people buy roses or carnations without thinking of their significance. But flower colors can be very powerful symbols.

What are some popular flower color meanings? How do the hues of different colors impact their meanings? What are the right flowers to give for birthdays and funerals?

Answer these questions and you can match flowers to your needs. Here is your quick guide.

Red Flower Meaning 

Red has always been a traditional symbol of love. This means that many red flowers are given as gifts to mark Valentine’s Day and the birthdays of significant others.

But red can also symbolize respect and courage. Poppies are symbolic of lost soldiers, especially in the United Kingdom. You can give poppies to the family of a veteran who has passed away.


There is no one white flower meaning. White is a traditional symbol of purity. Yet it can signify sympathy, loss, and the supernatural.

You can consider giving white orchids, daisies, and roses. These flowers may be hard to come by, and they are very popular. Contact a service like 800Florals flower delivery so you can get your white flowers as soon as possible.


The most common green flower meaning is renewal. In particular, green flowers signify springtime, as the Earth rebounds from the desolate winter.

You can give green flowers to commemorate birthdays or springtime celebrations. Button flowers and bells of Ireland are particularly popular.


Orange is a bright and bold color. It’s no surprise that it represents enthusiasm, youth, and high energy.

You can give tulips or orange lilies as a gift to a friend. Zinnias are a rare late summer flower that looks beautiful inside bouquets.


Most blue flowers have light hues to them. They seem very calming and peaceful, so they are common gifts for funerals. They are a better option than black flowers, which can be too morbid.

Morning glories and hydrangeas are classic examples of blue flowers. Make sure you find naturally blue flowers, as some florists dye their flowers blue to trick consumers.


Pink flowers are similar to red flowers. You can find pink roses and carnations.

Yet they do not signify love in the same way that red flowers do. They have lighter hues than red flowers, so they are more symbolic of innocence and playfulness. They are also traditional signs of femininity, though some women regard them as cliched.

The Best Flower Colors

Flower colors have a multitude of meanings. Many people associate red flowers with love, yet they can symbolize courage as well. White flowers are traditional symbols of purity, but they can convey sympathy.

Green flowers are great for springtime events. Orange tulips and lilies are good gifts between friends and enthusiastic coworkers.

Blue flowers are soothing without being too dark. This makes memorial glories a nice gift for mourning families. Pink flowers include carnations, and they suggest love and innocence.

The language of flowers is a complicated one. Learn about how to use flowers by following our coverage.


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