Becoming a Sub-Broker 2023


One of the most noticeable advantages of being a sub-broker (also known as an Authorised Person), particularly if you are appointed to a renowned brokerage, is the opportunity to gain knowledge. You can learn many things about market conditions if you work with an experienced broker. This may be applied to your own trading career as well as to any trades and investments you might wish to make in the future. 

Sub-brokers are not full-service brokers, but they are nonetheless permitted to trade through the brokerage they are employed with. Sub-brokers, also known as Authorised Persons, have become crucial professionals in the stock market sector as a result of the exponential rise in demand for brokerage services. 

The Career of a Sub-Broker

You must be aware of the sub-broking process in order to comprehend how to become a sub-broker. The Indian financial sector has moved towards online brokerage platforms in recent years that have special features that let investors trade within minutes. However, using these online booking services, applicants who wish to register a Demat account must understand how to do so and how to make investments in it. 

Many other people still prefer to create and maintain their Demat accounts and investments through an intermediary, even though the majority of Indians are equipped with the necessary technical expertise to do so. The person who serves as an intermediary between clients and online brokers is known as a sub-broker.

When you join a certain online brokerage company as a sub-broker, you are in charge of bringing them new clients. In addition, the sub-broker helps the customers complete linked transactions and make investment decisions. The sub-brokers are entitled to a fixed commission on the transactions carried out by the customers or the sub-brokers on their behalf after they enrol a new client on the online platform. 

A sub-broker, however, is not a trading member of the stock exchange; rather, they are authorised to operate on behalf of a trading member who has a legitimate Demat account. This is important to understand while learning how to become a sub-broker.

How to Become a Sub-Broker?

In general, the following procedures must be taken in order to become a sub-broker:

  1. To begin, you must download a trading app and create a trading account. 
  2. You must successfully complete Partner eKYC, which may be done in one of two methods, after successfully creating an account: 

Normal Partner: Regular option with Rs. 1,000 + GST registration cost.

  1. Submit the PAN card information and the address verification.
  2. Give bank information and GST information, if applicable.
  3. All of your social media links should be submitted if you choose Strategic Partner.
  4. Pay the registration cost if you choose a Normal Partner.
  5. After your application is approved, your Franchise Code will be delivered to your registered email address.

Always be sure to follow the exact standards and processes necessary to become a sub-broker by consulting the brokerage firm and pertinent regulatory agencies in your area.

Qualifications To Become A Sub-Broker

Knowing what is needed is one of the most important steps in the process of how to work as a sub-broker in the stock market. Although each brokerage business has different eligibility requirements, the fundamental condition for qualification is the same. Here is a list of them:

  • In accordance with SEBI standards, the individual must have finished secondary education (10+2). However, the likelihood of a successful sub-broking firm increases with greater study levels.
  • Must have a fundamental understanding of financial markets, including Demat accounts, trading accounts, the buying and selling of stocks, etc., in addition to knowledge of financial activities.
  • Must possess technical expertise in using computers and fundamental programmes like Excel. Additionally, it’s essential to have technical expertise in operating Internet trading platforms.
  • As it takes people skills to onboard customers and bring them into the online brokerage industry, having good communication skills is a plus.

Is an initial deposit necessary to become a sub-broker?

“No,” there isn’t a down payment or advance needed to become a sub-broker. Without a deposit, you can begin your sub-brokership, but there will be a registration fee.


A fulfilling profession in the financial sector may be accessed in 2023 by becoming a sub-broker. You may establish yourself as a sub-broker by doing the appropriate actions, such as earning the requisite credentials, accumulating applicable experience, and collaborating with a recognized brokerage business.

In order to buy stocks online and provide investment services to clients, you must first open a trading and Demat account. To succeed in this position, keep up with regulatory needs, abide by legal regulations, and keep expanding your financial market expertise. Starting down this road can provide you the chance to learn how to negotiate the complex world of investing and help your customers succeed financially.


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