Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance Short term health insurance provides uninsured persons with medical coverage for twelve months or less. Depending on the need and the insurance provider, customers can purchase extended coverage. Temporary medical coverage is available for unemployed persons, contract workers, new employees in probationary periods, and individuals who have been recently removed from their parents’ insurance plan. Short term insurance can help individuals maintain their monthly expenses and prevents financial stress should an emergency occur when individuals are experiencing career transitions.

Short term health insurance plans are also ideal for individuals who have just finished their careers and are waiting to receive Medicare insurance coverage. The advantage of acquiring a temporary medical coverage plan is the privilege of canceling coverage when needed. There are no penalties associated with canceling policies. Temporary health insurance comes in several policy forms. Some companies offer preferred provider organization (PPO) or fee for service plans while other companies have developed their own specialized new usa online casino plans game. Depending on an individual’s preference, PPO and FFS medical plans offer medical service freedom. Short term PPO insurance permits patients to receive medical care from physicians who belong to the insurance network as well as from non-network physicians. Although fee for service plans have higher premiums, patients can select medical care service without pre-approval requirements.

Selecting a Short Term Health Insurance Plan

Prior to selecting a short term medical coverage plan, individuals should thoroughly evaluate the plan’s monthly premiums, service coverage, and their state‘s length of coverage terms. Individuals should also review if pre-existing and future long term medical conditions are covered. The evaluation process allows customers to plan ahead for co pays which may be required for a certain number of doctor or emergency visits. For example, PPO plans provides patients with service selection freedom. However, there are deductibles included in the plan which can cost up to $5,000 per year. The medical services offered in a short term medical health insurance PPO plan consist of yearly doctor visits, hospital stays, emergency room visits, outpatient surgery, medicine expenses, and specialty care service. FFS plans requires customers to pay high premiums but do not provide the same amount of medical services that are available in a PPO short term health insurance plan.

Short Term Health Insurance Quotes

Individuals interested in acquiring temporary medical coverage can research plans offered through the National Insurance Benefits company. This company has made obtaining plan quotes very easy and customers can compare several plans on one website. National Insurance Benefits provides short term insurance plans for residents in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Nevada. Depending on the best australia online casino company’s application process, approval time can vary from one to two weeks. If customers desire to continue receiving services through certain providers, research should be conducted to verify that the provider will accept the new short term health insurance plan. Local insurance agents are available to assist customers with questions and the application process. Overall, the purchase of a short term health insurance plan can provide peace of mind for families and individuals who need quality healthcare service.

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