3 Ways to Protect IT Infrastructure From Attacks

More than 6 out of 10 businesses globally have experienced at least one form of cyber attack.

So, you’re right to be worried about your company suffering a cyber breach. Yet being worried and doing nothing about it won’t help. Your problem is that you’ve no idea how to protect IT infrastructure from these attacks.

You feel that hackers are coming up with new ways to penetrate IT infrastructures, and it’s impossible to keep up. So, your only strategy is to hope that they don’t target your company’s IT systems.

Yet you’re mistaken as there are many things you can do to prevent a data breach.

Please keep reading to learn 3 ways to protect IT infrastructure from attacks.

  1. Proactively Monitor Your IT Infrastructure

To protect your IT systems, you need to monitor data leakage proactively. The idea is to learn early when unauthorized persons access your systems. The goal is to take action quickly and block this person from accessing sensitive business data.

Your in-house IT specialist may, however, have a hard time proactively monitoring systems as they have other duties. That’s why you should weigh the need for managed IT services. You want to find experts who’ll educate you on how data breaches occur and how to prevent them.

Besides, the top managed IT Company will monitor your systems 24/7, thereby detecting problems quickly.

  1. Reduce Data Transfer

Sharing business data across multiple devices increase the risk of a data breach. That’s why you should closely monitor the data you transfer. Avoid transferring sensitive business data using unsecured or public networks.

In addition, as the number of remote workers increases, train your employees on cybersecurity. Advise them to reduce data transfer, especially when using public WI-FI. Besides, train them on how to secure their login credentials to protect them from unauthorized persons.

Besides, seek resources that guide you on how to enhance network security. You want to ensure that only your employees and authorized persons are using your company’s network.

  1. Switch to Using Passphrases

To access your company’s system, hackers will compromise your workers’ passwords and usernames. So, you need to learn how you can create strong passwords. One clever trick to adopt is to switch to using passphrases.

Passphrases are easy to remember meaning that your employees won’t keep changing them each time they forget. Also, it’s difficult for hackers to guess or generate passphrases. So, take time to educate your employees on how to create strong passphrases.

Besides, caution them against changing passwords too often as this compromises data security.

Smoothen Business Operations by Learning How to Protect IT Infrastructure

A data breach will disrupt your company’s operations, and you’ll struggle to survive. That’s why you need to learn how to protect IT infrastructure. You want to secure your company’s data and network by restricting access only to authorized persons.

So, reduce data transfer and encourage your employees to switch to using passphrases instead of passwords.

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