4 factors to consider before choosing a divorce lawyer in Sydney

4 factors to consider before choosing a divorce lawyer in Sydney

Divorce is a complicated legal process, and it’s not enough to hire any divorce lawyer. After all, in Sydney, it takes around four months for divorce before the court grants it officially. In addition, to be divorced, you will have to be separated from your spouse for approximately a year, and you must be an Australian citizen or reside in the city. With such details, you might want one of the best separation lawyers in Sydney who understands the intricacies of family law, has experience in your particular case and can communicate with you clearly and efficiently. In this article, you can learn about the various factors before choosing one. 

  • Experience: When choosing a divorce lawyer in Sydney, it is essential to consider their experience. It can be determined by how long they have been practising and what kind of cases they have handled. You should also ask if the lawyer has won any awards or accolades. You should ask about how often they appear in court and what kind of cases they take on.
  • Fees: The hourly rate for lawyers in Sydney usually ranges from $350 to $650 per hour. It depends on the type of case, experience, the lawyer’s reputation, geographic location, and many other factors. Some lawyers may offer discounts if you hire them for more than one case at a time (such as with family law). But what is included in these fees? Your lawyer’s fees will consist of the following:
  • Time spent reviewing your case before meeting with you (this may be done by phone or in writing).
  • Time spent investigating, such as interviewing witnesses or requesting documents from opposing parties.
  • Travel costs incurred during investigations, such as interviewing witnesses or attending court hearings related to your case.
  • Communication style: A good lawyer will be more than willing to answer your questions. If you’re nervous or unsure of the process, speak up and ask for clarification on any unclear points. Be clear and specific about what you want from a divorce lawyer: do you want someone who will fight tooth and nail for your rights as a client? Or would it be better if they were more amenable to help keep costs down? You must find someone who can provide both qualities; otherwise, they may become too submissive or aggressive.
  • References: The next step is to do some serious research. You want to know if the lawyer you’re considering has handled similar cases and has a track record of success. Get referrals from friends and family members who have been through divorce proceedings. If they had a good experience, ask who they used as their lawyer. Ask how long their case was finalised, what fees were charged, and their overall impressions of the attorney’s performance in court. The internet is full of reviews, so don’t just look at one website or one review site to get an idea of how others feel about this particular firm or individual attorney—do your research across several different platforms that offer user-generated content (such as Yelp) as well as professional platforms. You may even consider asking local lawyers who specialise in family law. If there are any attorneys, they would recommend them based on experience with cases like yours. Sometimes, an expert can point you towards an exceptional practitioner whose specialty matches yours perfectly.

Separation lawyers in Sydney are specialists in the law, and you must find one with the best experience, knowledge, expertise, and skills to handle your case. It is always good to research various lawyers available in your area before meeting them personally to decide who would be best suited for your case.

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