4 Tips for Selecting the Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker

The biggest issue in crypto portfolio tracking today is there are too many of these devices in demand — all of which are competing for your engagement without making it easy to select between them. 

1. Integration with a Variety of Financial Organizations

Crypto portfolio tracking applications work by linking with third-party aggregator APIs that allow them to connect with diverse crypto information that feeds to portray the data you require to track your investments. The fact is, most aggregators only work in specific countries and only have the technology to operate with particular crypto spreads. That implies that not every crypto portfolio tracking software will operate in every condition. So, make sure to check the devices you’re interested in to make sure they operate in your particular instance and wisely select the best app for portfolio tracking depending on your requirements. 

2. A High Level of Protection 

Cryptocurrency is digital funds that are handled by a decentralized grid known as “blockchain.” This grid isn’t possessed, controlled, or tracked by any particular organization or authority. This, of course, implies that crypto privilege is difficult to track and crypto dealings are almost impossible to rebound once they are activated. Since portfolio tracking software links to their clients’ crypto reserves, they have to be cautious not to let any harmful actors that would go through them attain user logins.

3. Usability Via Automation

One of the major reasons for humans to embrace crypto portfolio tracking software is to build a precise dashboard from which they can keep an eye on all of their assets. But what’s the matter if putting up or even using that precise dashboard is just as time-consuming as logging in to each of your digital accounts to inspect performance in a few days? After all, isn’t one of the major objectives of tracking software to see how your portfolio is operating in a single glimpse? 

That’s why the comfort of service via automation is required in a crypto portfolio tracking application  — from the first time you log in to your crypto accounts to every time you utilize it to review them moving forward. 

  1. Whole Portfolio Unification 

Intelligent investors know that diversification is important for holding a wholesome portfolio and increasing your net value. But the disadvantage of diversifying into numerous alternative assets, involving cryptocurrency, is how challenging it can be to comprehend how all of them work concurrently to influence your portfolio. 

The answer is looking outside the portfolio tracking software that bills itself as “crypto-only” and checking out more strong solutions that can unify your whole portfolio on the dashboard. 

Best app for portfolio tracking

Binocs is a superior crypto portfolio tracking software that provides you with customized crypto analytics, news, and the ability to handle your portfolio on a mobile or personal computer. You’ll find support for exchange accounts and multiple wallets through the API keys. Once put up, Binocs gives important data at your fingertips to facilitate investment conclusions. Also, there are heatmaps segregating failure and profit-making commodities. The analytics areas show the most beneficial and loss-inducing tokens, total fees, top deals, pullouts, etc.


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